Dog Saves Drowning Bird

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We know dogs are man’s best friend, but more often than not, we learn that dogs are everyone’s best friend.

140719-DrownBirdJax, a Labrador from Connecticut saved the life of a baby bird that hadn’t master the art of flying, when it fell from its nest into a lake and almost drowned.

Rick Sauer was fishing with his dog Jax and realized the small bird had fallen and was in trouble. He immediately asked his dog to swim to the bird and rescue it. Jax, more than happy complied.

In the video you can hear how Sauer asks his dog to be gentle with the chick, and the dog carefully swims back carrying the baby bird in his mouth. When he reaches the shore, he carefully drops the bird and Sauer picks it up.

Jax, you are one awesome dog. Thank you for being this little bird’s hero.

4 thoughts on “Dog Saves Drowning Bird”

  1. Stop anthropomorphizing the dog. Jax was just being true to his breed- he is a retriever! retrievers were bred to be gun dogs and to retrieve fallen birds from marshes and lakes on their owner’s command. They were also bred to be careful with the hunted bird since the hunters wanted their quarry intact when it reached them. I don’t know if Jax is a trained gun dog, but those instincts run in his blood. When his owner commanded him to retrieve the drowning bird, Jax did so not out of compassion for the bird, but because he was fulfilling his breed’s raison d’etre.

    • It’s pretty incredible no matter how you interpret. I’ll raised champion labs my whole life and this is still quite astounding. The glass is half full buddy. In the words of Bill Murray, “lighten up Francis.”


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