Dog Saves Owner from Bear Attack

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A 42-year-old man was camping in Sand Bar Provincial Park, Ont., over the weekend when he encountered a black bear while walking his two dogs. One of the dogs, a brave schnauzer, protected the man from the bear attack but sadly lost his life in the process.

PrintCBC News Canada reported the bear attack occurred on the afternoon of August 3, 2013.

According to Ontario Provincial Police in Ignace, the bear attacked the man from behind when the man stopped near the water to take a break from the walk. The man ran into the water and waited for the bear to leave. He later tried to get back to the camp side but the bear came after him and his dogs again.

The schnauzer tried to intervene by barking to keep away the bear. The actions of the hero dog allowed the man to escape with minor injuries, however, the dog wasn’t so lucky and died after it was attacked by the bear.

The hero dog wasn’t the only one to lose its life. Park ranger later used a K9 unit and a live trap to catch the bear and destroy it.


2 thoughts on “Dog Saves Owner from Bear Attack”

  1. It is not safe to take pets to places where wild animals may be present.Pets do not ask to go nor do they want to go,its risking your pets life going to places like that.My dogs are happy and VERY SAFE at home and in their own backyard. I would never expose my dogs to anything like that. the man took them there and then ran away and let the bear attack the dog. It was his idea to go there not the dogs; yet he abandoned the dogs in a hostile and dangerous place. Think about it guys: would you want one of your precious dogs to have to fight a bear for you? But he probably realizes now that he was wrong to take them there.

  2. have too agree.. i know every dog Ive had would have gone for that bear to protect me.. which would have resulted in my attacking the bear to protect them..

    yes and that would probably ended in both our deaths but then it would never have happened because id never have put them in that position..

    why was the bear killed.. is it not just being a bear?


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