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105 of the Funniest Dog-Shaming Memes & Photos Ever

by Melanie

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Dog shaming is an activity aimed at correcting inappropriate behavior in dogs by publicly embarrassing them on social media. It typically involves taking a photograph of a guilty-looking dog and adding captions that describe their misdeeds, such as “I chewed through my owner’s shoes again” or “I stole another piece of bacon from the counter.”

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105 Dog Shaming Memes

Eating Legos

Eating Legos

Ever seen a dog eat Legos and live to tell the tale? Well, this pupper seems to think playing with legos is the best thing ever… and it doesn’t hurt that they taste good (?)!

Eating Dentures?

Eating Dentures 2

You’d think this pup has enough teeth as it is. Though in this case, it’s more the owner’s fault for leaving them out; the pupper has no regrets despite looking quite surprised they found him out.

Don’t Trust Rex

Don't Trust Rex

Rex had one job, protecting the house and his people. Apparently, his people include everyone in and out of the house. That or the robber had cookies!

There’s Trouble

ate moms best shoes

There’s trouble! These three pooches are in cahoots with one another over unique items. But who cares when you have friends helping you out? And yes, bacon is very nummy.

Laziness? Or Smarts

Laziness Or Smarts

I don’t like running either, but this dog has another way entirely to put it off. Fake an injury! If only it were that easy to get out of the exercise as a human.


I fixed the shower curtain

This puppy looks like they got caught helping with the bathroom redecoration. Despite it not being up to most people’s standards, in her defense, she was just helping.

Donut Lover

Donut Lover

Some dogs just know how to get where they want, and we need to take creative measures to keep them safe. Looks like this pup got under the fence too many times! Luckily, his owner seems to have a sense of humor and style.

Who Doesn’t Want a Po-Tay-Toe

I break into the pantry and hide potatoes

Breaking into the pantry seems to be a thing for dogs no matter who you ask, and potatoes are probably a better steal than anything else! This pup doesn’t look guilty at all, though; he had too much fun.

Drunker Than a Skunk

Drunker Than a Skunk

I can’t imagine having a dog projectile vomit across the room while drunk, but I’m sure we humans can relate or know of some story where this has likely happened. Thankfully, the pup was alright, but I’m sure that hangover was brutal.

Not the Rosary!

I ate baby Jesus of our Christmas

Well, no one said dogs were religious. And huskies are well known for being mischievous little devils. I wouldn’t look forward to these pup poops for quite some time.

Drama Club Is Calling

Drama Club Is Calling

Drama is something some dogs do when they’ve been taught treats are plentiful. Or at least those dogs that are “special.” Count this pup as a special dog who likes to be the center of attention.

Sneaky Ninja 

Sneaky Ninja 
Image Source:

Thankfully, most people can say they don’t have a bum-licking dog. However, how can you be mad at this smiling face? It’s all good fun!

Pooping Rainbows

I eat crayons and poop rainbows

Unicorns come to mind with this pug’s sad face and shaming sign. Though pugs aren’t unicorns, their owners think they’re just as special as one. Though, who can’t say their pup, no matter the breed, is as special as a unicorn?

From: Your Starving Dog

Jumped into strangers car and stole a hamburger
Image Source:

Talk about your dog thinking they never get fed! This goes to the extreme in likely not only stealing food in the house but from a complete stranger’s hands. I’m willing to bet this pup doesn’t regret it one bit.


eating cheese with medication
Image Source:

Eating your sister’s medications is never a good thing, but this pup had the excuse that they covered it in cheese! I’d jump for a chance at a cheese treat too. No wonder he doesn’t have any regrets.

Farm Life

I rolled on cow poo and smell so bad

If you’ve lived on a farm, you know the pungent smell of spring fertilizing and cow manure. Well… it’s stinky to us but divine to dogs. Those few that actually get to run around in a field and find some think it’s the greatest thing in the world even if you don’t.

Doggie Rivalry

kicked out of doggy day care
Image Source:

Not all living beings get along with each other. Sometimes doggy daycare can be too stimulating for dogs, and sometimes it can be the best thing in the world for both dog and owner. After all, tired dogs are good dogs, right?

Santa on a Shelf

Peed on Santas Tree
Image Source:

Apparently, this dog thinks that Santa Claus isn’t real, or he’d know he brings treats down the chimney! He doesn’t look very apologetic, though, so there’s that to put on the naughty list, too.

Food Hounds

Snuck in the kitchen and ate 6 boneless pork
Image Source:

There are foodies, and then there are food hounds. If your dog has a nose for food and you leave it where they can get it, this should be a shame on the human! Even this pup’s face says they couldn’t help it.

He Was in the Way!

Smelling but while pooping
Image Source:

Dogs don’t have an issue with poop like most humans. However, pooping on your brother’s head is taking it to the extreme. Unfortunately, the caption adds that the one being pooped on probably won’t learn his lesson.

No Regrets

Stealing cookies from kids
Image Source:

I guess this takes the phrase “Like stealing candy from a baby” to a whole other level.

Sandwiches and Shame

Felicitys Tuna
Image Source:

At least it wasn’t something toxic like chocolate! This little pup just saw an opportunity and took it as a sign they should have a quick snack.

Real Food Is for the Birds!

helped myself to loads of bird seeds
Image Source:

Unfortunately, you can’t expect a hound not to go after a small critter. That’s their nature. But this poor bird didn’t deserve that fate! At least the pup looks somewhat upset.

Cat Treats

Sneak in the litter box and eat cat poo
Image Source:

Honestly, I find this more Ew than anything else. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your views, this isn’t uncommon, especially if you live on a farm.

Stroller Baby

Fake injury
Image Source:

Some dogs just don’t like to exercise. And who can blame some of them? Depending on the weather and if it’s safe, it can either be a great walk or a miserable one. At least this pooch was honest.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Pooped inside the house twice
Image Source:

Negative one! That’s an automatic nope for most humans, let alone dogs. I honestly wouldn’t blame him for having messed in the house, but it’s not pleasant to clean up, either.

Bully’s Being Bullied

Banned from doggy day care for being a bully
Image Source:

A bully being a bully? And to a Golden Retriever? Such a shame! It’s no wonder this pup got kicked out of doggy daycare.

Naughty Chewer

saved from a shelter
Image Source:

We say that dogs rescue us instead of the other way around. It’s a noble sentiment to have, and it may be true to a point unless we’re tallying up the things they’ve destroyed!


Bite everything
Image Source:

We know puppies for being a little nippy until they’re trained out of it. Some just take a little longer than others to learn bite inhibition.

Fear of Toots

Terrified of own farts
Image Source:

This terrier-looking pup looks like he fears his own toots for sure! I’m willing to bet mostly, when he scares himself, he’s asleep.

Stitch Savers

Pulled out my stitches
Image Source:

If you’re a pet owner, you know keeping our pets from fussing with any wounds, especially ones with stitches, is challenging. I can’t say I haven’t dressed my Saluki like this when he ends up with stitches.

Personality Takes Time

Peed on moms playstation
Image Source:

A PlayStation is an expensive gaming console! I don’t blame mom for shaming this pup. He’s only been there a month, but he’s showing personality and sass.


Neighbors chickens
Image Source:

We all know dogs follow their noses, but this is just picky!

Shaming Calendar Murder

Dog Ate calendar
Image Source:

Shame on this pup’s human! Shaming them full-time with a calendar in the house may be funny to us, but apparently, this pup didn’t think so!

Light Sleeper

Bark in the middle of the night
Image Source:

We all know our pets like to sleep with us. But how would you handle being woken up to tell your dog it’s okay to get on the bed despite there being plenty of room? I’d think not!

Clean up on Aisle Two!

pooped in petsmart
Image Source:

If you’ve walked your dog through any store, there’s always the fear in the back of your head they’ll hike up to pee or drop to poop in the middle of the floor. Unfortunately, a lot of us have had this experience!


Ate a whole sleeve of mints
Image Source:

Why dogs eat certain things is a complete mystery. Thankfully, this pup didn’t end up in dire straits and ended up being okay after a shave and a haircut.

Not a Fan of Popeye

Ate omelete
Image Source:

There’s not much to say about this one other than, who really likes spinach, anyway?

Crunchy Treats

Sneak in the litter box and eat cat poo
Image Source:

While this is gross, there are ways to prevent this from happening. There are several types of closed or hidden litter boxes that can deter any poop burglars.

Best Friends Forever

Image Source:

Besides this dog having a cute name and a cute face, he’s not fooling anyone. Besties are just as important as owners.

Singing the Song of Your People

i ate the rosary
Image Source:

Some dogs just like to take it to the next level. Literally.

Frozen – Let It Go!

brought my half frozen turd
Image Source:

Again with the poop! Some dogs just don’t know that’s not a habit humans want them to pick up (or bring inside).


ate two avocados
Image Source:

Another case of an emergency is when food toxic to pets is consumed. Be aware that avocados are not safe for dogs, though this pupper didn’t seem to care.

Cheesecake Is Life!

I Stole cheese cake
Image Source:

We all know cheesecake is yummy – apparently, this dog knew that, too, though stealing from someone in a wheelchair, shame!

But… They Smell Like You!

Footware fetish
Image Source:

Slippers are like heaven to feet that need comfort. But they’re better when they’re not chewed on or eaten.

Denied Girl Scout Cookies

Ate a whole sleeve of mints
Image Source:

Thin mints! One favorite of girl scout cookies. I’m glad the pupper didn’t get sick, but that would also make me sad and mad!

Disney Trip

family went to dinsey
Image Source:

I’d be upset if my family went to Disney without me too. But not to fear, young doggo, your family will be back.

Field Hopper

Pet hall of shame "Thomas"
Image Source:

Now, living on a farm has its perks, mostly. Save for chores and other necessities; it’s a great life. Too bad this dog didn’t get the memo that there wasn’t any need for help in the fields.

Car Rides Are Fun

Ate my joy ride harness
Image Source:

As mad as I’d be if they left me behind going on a car ride, this pupper takes it to the next level in his disdain for being left behind.

Peeing Prankster

Pee on guys at the park
Image Source:

I had a dog like this. He would always hike a leg on anyone talking to me at the dog park. It ended, up we stopped going to the dog park. He wasn’t happy, though I get the impression this dog is very proud of himself.

When in Doubt, Chew It!

I Ate my food bowl
Image Source:

If you don’t mentally stimulate or exercise your dogs, they will chew on things that aren’t appropriate. This pup protested not having food in the bowl by chewing it up.

Party Pooper

pooped in my moms car
Image Source:

I’ve had dog poop in my car before. It was not a great experience for either of us. But… when you have got to go, you have got to go.

Is that… Poop on Your Breath?

I ate poop straight out of a diaper
Image Source:

We all know this to a point that dogs lick their behinds and then us. They think there’s no shame in showing you love, poopie breath or not.

So Many Names…

killed yoda i did
Image Source:

Not Yoda! Cannot believe this one can’t. Looks like this young padawan got a little too upset! Almost every dog has several names. This one just has a lot of last names attached.

If You Can Read This, Flip Me Over

Punched a hole through the jeep window
Image Source:

Yikes would be an understatement here. This pup decided in -1 degree weather to punch a hole in the jeep’s window. We should note that a lot of jeeps have plastic windows in the back.

Money, Money, Money

i ate 100 dollar cash
Image Source:

Money is no object… to a dog. Unfortunately for their human, that’s $100 that could have been used for more treats!

Sibling Rivalry

i peed on my sister while pooping
Image Source:

Now we’ve heard of sibling rivalry, but this takes it to the next level!

The Dog Ate My Homework

I ate the homework
Image Source:

I guess you really have an excuse! Though whether your teacher will believe you is another thing–show them the evidence!

Tacos for Life!

I ate a package of seasoning
Image Source:

In his defense, he was making sure dinner was a go. Tacos are divine, and the pup was just trying to help.

Did Someone Say, Bruno?

i ate the eyes of all stuffed animals
Image Source:

This is why we don’t talk about Bruno.


i snuck in to the pantry
Image Source:

Ever have a dog that lives to eat and doesn’t eat to live? Hounds are some of the worst for this. Give them an inch; they’ll take a mile!

Whippet Good

I chewed 650 dollars prescription oakley
Image Source:

This whippet seems to think that Oakleys are for chewing. According to her papa, she was tired of winter and not having enough walkies.

Food Swiper

I stole my sisters balogna
Image Source:

Do you really blame this pup for stealing a bologna sandwich while it wasn’t being watched? And that he’d do it again is just a hoot!

Chewing Disaster

I think everything is a chew toy
Image Source:

The dangers of cords and other items reachable to your dog are real and can happen in an instant or without you knowing. This pup here proves the point that anything at their height is fair game.

Family Issues

Pet hall of shame Baylor
Image Source:

Baylor seems to think peeing on his brother and his aunt’s shoes is fun. Aunt Sharon was not amused.

Counter Surfing 101

Snuck in the kitchen and ate 6 boneless pork
Image Source:

If you have a food hound that can reach the counters, don’t leave out food, or your ingenious pup will figure out its free food.

That Tail…!

whip my coworker in the face
Image Source:

If you have a large dog, you know well they should register their tail as a lethal weapon. This pup doesn’t seem to mind smacking his coworkers. At least that’s what his expression says!

On the Hunt!

I eat underwaer
Image Source:

Dachshunds are scent hounds… Need I say more?

Who’s the Boss?

I ate moms favorite hat
Image Source:

How can you stay mad at that face? This big lug was merely trying to leave his mark so mom knew who the boss was.

More Chimken, More Poop

days without rolling in chicken poop
Image Source:

Another one where living on a farm or in a home with farm animals can be exciting for both dog and owner. Spike here decided he needed to help unconventionally.

Didn’t See It Coming

i hit my moms face with a door
Image Source:

Ever had your dog brain you with their noggin? Sounds like a similar situation, though this pup tried to blame it on a door.

Vomit Alarm Clock

i puked on my mom when she was napping
Image Source:

As close as we are to our pets, a lot of them sleep with us. However, this was an unexpected situation that likely woke their owner up instantly.

Counter Surfing… Again

i stole a chicken finger
Image Source:

Have you ever known a dog that can reach countertops and loves food to avoid doing this if it’s left out? This pupper proves that; perhaps they should make some changes at home so he can’t get to it.

Bootlicking Good

pet hall of shame bruenor
Image Source:

It looks like this pup got in trouble for eating half a boot, and he seems like he doesn’t regret it one bit.

The Barker

I bark at everything that moves
Image Source:

Some dogs just want to ensure you know something is going on, even if it’s as small as a mouse toot.

But… The Baby!

not allowed to baby sit and created a hole on the floor
Image Source:

He’s just trying to protect the baby by hiding evidence… right?


my mom never plays with her ball
Image Source:

There are just some dogs that are ball crazy, even if it means playing with a yoga ball.

Interior Decoration 

my name is walter and i like to chew curtains
Image Source:

Walter here is apparently an interior decorator.

Counter Surfing… Again! Part Three

Stole a pizza
Image Source:

Another example of leaving out food you don’t intend for your dog to eat.

Green Monster

dad locked me out of the room
Image Source:

This takes being jealous to a new level.

Smells Tasty!

i ate the rosary
Image Source:

Not all things are food, but those dogs who live for food will eat just about anything that smells good!

Gone Camping?

i snuck in to the pantry
Image Source:

In her defense, she could reach them!

Phone Wrecker

Hi my name is pepper
Image Source:

Pepper seems to think mom can’t talk to anyone but him. He must be quite the conversationalist.


I love eating frozen turd
Image Source:

Another poop eater! This one seems to like them on the frozen side.

Jealousy Rears Its Head

i ate a whole carton of eggs
Image Source:

And they say dogs don’t have feelings.


I ate a bird
Image Source:

This pup’s parents are in for the ride of their life, waiting for them to pass all that bird seed and suet. Though it was probably a tasty treat, the pup doesn’t regret it.

Read the Room 

mom sat on the couch and felt very sick
Image Source:

This dog needs to learn to read the room!

An Apple a Day…

i cracked the new ipad
Image Source:

Who could be mad at a fluffy face like that? Even if it was an expensive iPad, it’s still very hard.

Smol Dog

kid says im a cute puppy so i growled at him
Image Source:

Small dog syndrome? Or just a dog who wanted to impress upon the kid who was boss.

Something Fishy

i brought a dead salmon
Image Source:

Salmon is one of the better ingredients for dogs with allergies, but this is taking it a little too far!

Open the Gifts!

i ruined christmass
Image Source:

Tiffany & Co boxes hold wonderful things, and this pup just wanted to help his family open it sooner. He was so excited.

Finding Fiber

i keep eating moms plants
Image Source:

Some dogs just need a little more fiber in their diet.

Splash Zone Awareness

i weed on a French bulldog
Image Source:

It’s not his fault the frenchie was in the splash zone!

Whippet, Whippet Good

i ate her passport
Image Source:

Another whippet protest; when will it ever end?


im so smart i opened the cupboard and ate a detergent
Image Source:

As we know, some dogs are just too smart for their own good.

Good Food! Good Times!

Locked out of car to eat take out
Image Source: 9gag

In his defense, they left it out, and it’s way too nummy not to eat!


From guilty hounds to scheming puppies, dogs can pick up on our feelings and behaviors. We’ve had a good laugh reading through all these hilarious dog-shaming pics, but the more serious message here is that we should all be aware of how our behavior affects our furry friends.

So, let’s love our doggos unconditionally and use positive reinforcement and reward systems to help them learn right from wrong. What did you think? Did you enjoy reading this list? Let us know below and share with your friends!