Dog Stays by Deceased Owner’s Side for 23 Days

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An elderly Georgia man who went missing a few weeks ago was sadly found deceased.  But right next to him was his Maltese BeBe, who fended off wild animals and stayed by his human’s side until they were found.

Jimmy Wilkerson loved his little dog.  They went everywhere together.  And when he would get in his pickup truck to go for a drive for a couple hours each day, BeBe came along.

“The two of them were inseparable,” said Wilkerson’s son-in-law, Smitty Smith.  “Wherever you saw one, you saw the other.”

One day back in May, Wilkerson went for a drive down a dirt road in Douglas County, and his truck got stuck in a creek.

6.6.14 - Dog Stays by Deceased Owner’s Side for 23 Days1

“It looks like he got lost driving down Strickland Street…and then got stuck out there and couldn’t turn around,” said Sheriff Bruce Ferguson.  “He tried walking out but just couldn’t make it.”

People who lease the property were on four-wheelers when they spotted the truck and reported it to police.

Deputies on horseback and dogs from the Alpha Search and Rescue Team followed Wilkerson’s scent and found his body about a quarter mile from the truck.  BeBe was hiding out in some underbrush nearby.

He had a few broken ribs and bite marks, likely from having fought off a coyote or a bobcat.  He’s been in the care of a veterinarian until he recovers enough to go home.

“I love that dog,” said Meta Smith, Wilkerson’s daughter. “We’re going to take care of BeBe, like he took care of my father.”








10 thoughts on “Dog Stays by Deceased Owner’s Side for 23 Days”

  1. Brave little dog – I’m so happy she’s still alive and going to a loving home with the family. So very sorry for your loss.

  2. This is a sad story, reminiscent of the celebrated tale of Hachi. Even so, it’s puzzling that the news organization that published this account, which is not Life with Dogs, would at least have the sense to engage a professional writer. The article is so poorly written as to suggest the reporter is either a child or someone who has never enjoyed the benefits of even the most fundamental training or education.Whoever he is, he can barely put together a simple declarative sentence, much less elaborate details. Nor can he bother to use pronouns properly, to speak nothing of the objects they modify. How much more touching this story night have been in the hands of a skilled and competent writer!

    • How much more touching this story night have been? You complain of the writing in this story yet you can not get your posting correct? What do they say about people in glass houses? Stick to the story about the dog that loved his owner so much that he stayed by his side. We do not care about your desperate need for attention!

  3. Wonderful story, I’m not sure why the grammar is what you noticed the most. That must say something about YOU.

  4. 23 days it took to find this man? When did they realize he was missing? Wow, a tragedy all the way around….

  5. Its just that we hear about a story about a good animal,that took care of its owner,and the point was made,this is got nothing to do with grammer,were not all as smart as we like to be,some people need to be reminded,try to understand,you are blessed with a talent that others do not was good that they found their missing family member,and the little hero pup,that stuck by its owner,will enjoy the love,it was brought up with.


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