Dog survives being hit by three cars

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Photo Credit: Two Rivers Vet Hospital Facebook page

Libby, a Labrador-Pit Bull mix, was struck by three different motorists near the intersection of Lebanon Road and Spence Lane in Nashville, Tenn., the morning of April 22, 2013. Tonya Howell witnessed how the vehicles hit the dog and then drove away.

“[It] wouldn’t take that long to stop, even to see if it had a collar on,” said Howell. “People just don’t care much anymore.”

It is believed that Libby was dropped off and abandoned in the neighborhood a few days before the accident. Howell, who was on her way to work, stopped her car, placed Libby in her back seat and drove to Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital.

Jessica Jennings, veterinarian, examined Libby and determined she was about two-years-old. The dog showed no signs of aggression, but suffered from road rash and a broken pelvis.

“She wasn’t using one of her back legs, the left back leg,” said Jennings. “We ended up doing x-rays on her, showing that her pelvis is broken.”

The cost of surgery to repair Libby’s broken pelvis was estimated at $3,000, and if left untreated, it could turn into a life-threatening condition.

On April 25, Libby received surgery at BluePearl Veterinary Partners and returned to Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital to recuperate. She is now on strict bed rest for eight weeks.

Howell plans to follow Libby through recovery and adoption.

For more information on Libby, you can call 615-884-0394 or visit Two Rivers Vet Hospital Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “Dog survives being hit by three cars”

  1. I cannot believe that 3 cars hit that poor sweetie and not one of them stopped! that is just awful! even if the dog was “thought” to be dead,the first person who hit it,could have at least had a heart,and stopped to check the poor thing out! this world is becoming more and more cruel every day….thank God for the lovely woman who stopped and picked her up and took her to a vet!

  2. thank god tonya came to libbys rescue . some people are just plain ignorant bless tonyas and libbys heart

  3. If a person loves life than they will cherish a live as Tonya did. Stepping in at just the right moment when a precious life needed saving. Glad to hear Sweet Libby found help and accepted it. someones loss is anothers blessing and gain. Hope Libby makes a full recover and finds a loving home. She is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing her story.

  4. What the hell is wrong with people!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you are afraid to stop at least call the police to come and get the animal.


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