Hundreds of Serbian dogs saved from going hungry

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Photo Credit: The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund Facebook page

Last month, Sasha Pejčić was in desperate need to find help. He runs a shelter in Nis, Serbia, but for two days he ran out of food and was unable to feed the 400 dogs he looks after. Thanks to Harmony Fund who stepped in to help, Pejčić’s dogs will never go hungry again.

Pejčić helps homeless dogs by bringing them to his cage-free shelter and offering them the love and care they need. He started his own animal sanctuary in 2008. This, after realizing that many of the homeless dogs he fed were picked up by the local pound and destroyed.

Each day, Pejčić needs 220-265 lbs of food to feed his animals. He feeds them a mixture of kibble and leftover meat and bread.

When Pejčić ran out of food and money, he reached out to the Harmony Fund. They started an emergency collection to help him raise enough money to buy food for his loved animals.

Thanks to the Harmony Fund and the outpouring support from animal lovers world-wide,  $10,500 in donations have been sent to feed Pejčić’s dogs. In June, 2013, another $12,000 will be sent. Each month after that, a monthly donation will be made to make sure there is food, veterinary care and electricity available for Pejčić’s dogs.

Learn more about The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund and what they are doing to help Pejčić.

3 thoughts on “Hundreds of Serbian dogs saved from going hungry”

  1. Dear Life With Dogs, great article even better video. Nice work Harmony Fund for helping feed hungre dogs all around the world including dogs from my home country. I know that the Harmony Fund is affiliated with the Balkan Underdog from the UK, an organisation importing dogs from the Balkans (Serbia) and ‘placing’ them foremost in the UK. I must say that statements the Harmony Fund is making such as that international adoptions for these dogs are their only options is invalid to say at least – please see their Facebook page. The black dog market in Europe is an enormous problem, dog are ‘adopted’ no one knows where and by whom, organisations facilitating these adoptions are hiding themselves behing Privacy laws. The European Parliament has recently approved that stray dogs and cats can be used for vivisection. Dogs and cats are literally disappearing from Serbia, people/helping hands, transporting these animals getting richer and richer without ever providing prof of the whereabouts of the animals and if you push for answers they simply block you. Many animal lovers and animal protection organisations in Serbia are trying to stop this trade. Please research this material so your readers understand what is really going on. Thank you.


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