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Dog to be Reunited with Family after Missing for Nine Months


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Taco and the Talliaferro’s grandmother reunited.

A reunion between Taco and his family has been long overdue. Taco went missing nine months ago before he was finally found earlier this week.

Back in September the Talliaferro family was moving from Vermont to Oregon. They left their dog Taco in the care of their grandmother while they made the big move. Taco was supposed to come out afterwards, but once the family arrived in Oregon their daughter became very ill.

The Talliaferro’s grandmother put Taco in a kennel so she could go out and visit her sick granddaughter. While the grandmother was in Oregon, somehow Taco disappeared from the kennel. For months the search was on for Taco, but with no results.

On Monday a dog was spotted near the UMass campus in Hadley. The dog was taken to animal control and his picture was posted to the Granite State Dog Recovery Facebook page. Someone commented that the dog looked like it might be Taco.

That commenter was right and soon Taco was back with the Talliaferro’s grandmother. Once Taco is up for the travel he will be flown out to Oregon to be reunited with his family finally.