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Dog Trapped Beneath Floors Gets Rescued

by Katherine

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On July 27, 2014, a boxer named Abby from Gastonia, North Carolina, got spooked during a morning thunderstorm. In her fear and confusion, the dog sought refuge underneath her owner’s storage building. However, the scared pet got stuck and needed professionals to rescue her.

Photo Credit: Karen Rash
Photo Credit: Karen Rash

Karen Rash, pet owner, called the New Hope Fire Department when she couldn’t coax Abby to come out from her hiding place. The rain and loud thunder scared the canine to the point she wedged herself below Rash’s storage unit, and the only way out was prying open the floors and rescuing the pet from above.

The fire department responded to the call the same way as if the one needing rescue was a child.

“I was so thankful for their selfless act,” Rash told WSOCTV.

Photo Credit: Karen Rash
Photo Credit: Karen Rash

Rescuers arrived on the property and carefully broke the floor apart until they reached Abby.

The dog was a bit scared from the storm and the loud bangs as the men worked to free her, but the canine was happy to come out and be reunited with her owner again.

Rash said the local firemen are true heroes.