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Dog Walk Raises Over $100,000 for Dogs in Need


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labLast weekend in Annapolis, Maryland there was a parade of chocolate, yellow and black labs. They were participating in Lab Rescue of the LRCP’s annual Dog Walk and in doing so they helped raised over $100,000 that will help rescue and care for homeless Labrador Retrievers in the area.

Over 300 walkers accompanied by the lab companions participated in the walk through the town of Annapolis. The walk ended in a field that was set up with kiddie pools and tents for the labs to have fun.

Last year Lab Rescue of the LRCP (Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac) re-homed 1,003 labs and its hoping to help even more labs this year. Labs are very popular, but because of that man dogs in need of homes are labs.

In total the walk raised $100,802 that will be put towards helping labs in need.

For more information on Lab Rescue of the LRCP visit their website.