Dog Walker Saves a Cat from a Cold-Blooded Killer

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5.1.16 - Dog Walker Saves a Cat from a Cold-Blooded Killer1


A woman in England was walking a dog when she saw a young man about to ruthlessly hang a cat from a tree.  Thankfully, she stopped him, saving the cat’s life.


Kerry Reeve of Coventry, West Midlands, was out walking her dog when she saw a man holding a ginger cat by the scruff of its neck.  When she noticed that it had a red string or small rope around its neck, she sprang into action.  This is what she told the Coventry Telegraph:

I didn’t think anything of it until I saw a lad on his own crouching down, which was a bit unusual.

I got a bit further up the path where I was in line with him, and when I glanced over, he was stood up and had a ginger cat at the scruff of its neck.

I stopped to look and he had some sort of red material that looked like string around the cat’s neck, and he was using the other hand to wind the other end of the string around the branch.

It was clear what he was about to do.

He eventually put the cat down but five minutes after walking away he came back to the bushes for something, but I had no idea what.

It was all very creepy and surreal.

It was such a mix of emotions, I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, and at the same time I was thinking what he could be capable of.

I was on the phone to the police but while I was waiting I called a man over to help me.

I don’t think the lad took me seriously when I said I was phoning the police as he just seemed to hang around the area and lie on a grass bank.

But as he was lying there he saw the police coming towards him and he scarpered into an estate where he lost them.

It was extremely worrying because I could see how calm and collected he was about the experience. It was like he almost enjoyed the chase.

I didn’t really think I was in any danger from him. It was the cat that I was more concerned about, who knew what he could have done if I wasn’t there.

Who knows what sinister things he could go on to do next?


That is a horrifying thought, as people who torture and kill animals generally only stop because they are caught, and have little reason to change their behavior.  But hopefully something will compel this person seek help from a mental health specialist and change his ways.



15 thoughts on “Dog Walker Saves a Cat from a Cold-Blooded Killer”

  1. If you had cats doing their business in your garden you would understand the feeling to get rid of them all.

    And for all you brave “closet killers” bring it on Im not afraid to die are you?

    • If you aren’t afraid to die: post your address! i hope you don’t have kids you teach those misguided values to.

      • They won’t post shit. They’re a real keyboard bad-ass, but if confronted would piss themselves.

        If they did procreate I say we throw them all in a hole, douse them with lighter fluid, set ablaze and make s’mores.

        • @Estella, and what are you doing? “Post your address….” lol. “Light em ablaze and make smores……RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!!!”

          You’re retarded. Just because someone’s not afraid to die, it doesn’t mean they’re just gonna post their address idiot. Maybe they’re intelligent and would rather die for a WORTHY cause, instead of some random idiot animal lover and their pathetic feelings.See, there’s a difference between not being afraid to die and just being stupid/suicidal. But you’re stupid and probably wouldn’t understand.

          As for being confronted, I’d bet OP would bend you over and rape you.

    • You are obviously as sick as this kid. I’ll bet you are secretly hoping you could find a child to hurt too.

    • A cat used to come into my balcony and used to mark his territory there but i never felt the need to harm the poor animal. Its all about understanding and education.

  2. I really wish the internet would STOP publishing stories like this. It is putting the WRONG ideas out there. Need proof? Just look at the uptick in the number of dogs found with their muzzles taped shut. So STOP IT ALREADY!!!

  3. What The Hell Is Wrong With People These Days? Hell, Nothing Changed. I Swear, AS Humans We Are The Worst Living Beings Ever. We Need Strict Tough Laws Regarding Animal Abuse. I Would Have Seriously Beat That Punk Ass Coward To Death. If Not, Near!

    • I agree this world has really sick ass wholes in it that abuse a helpless animals I would love to see those so called humans suffer and I mean for the rest of there life

  4. I hope that guy gets “the book thrown at him” legally, and if not, I hope he gets his faced scratched off by several cats!! Signed, “The Krazy Kat Lady”

  5. I do not understand why people are doing this to animals. Is it because they know they can, is there no common law that does anything to stop it? Why are people so hateful and cruel to those that are innocent? No hope, no faith, no empathy, no compassion, no love… Do they not know any deity, no law, no shame? What will they do when its their time to be judged?


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