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Little Girl Sweetly Serenades Foster Dog to Sleep

by Melanie

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A pit bull named Laila couldn’t have better family watching her while her own family is away.  She’s had a girl named Anna to help her fall asleep at night by singing to her.  If the video of it doesn’t move you, you must have a heart of stone!


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog2


Donna Masusock of Wenonah, New Jersey and her family are dogsitting Laila until June, when her owner is home from an overseas deployment with the Navy.


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog5


Her son, Liam, loves hanging out with Laila.  Her daughter, Anna, loves to sing, and especially enjoys singing to the dogs they foster.


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog4


“She’s probably been singing since before she could talk,” Donna told “I think with the dogs it comforts them. They are in a different surrounding and it gives them the love and care that they need.”


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog7


For the past two years, they have been fostering dogs for Pact for Animals, a shelter that provides foster homes for pets while their owners are deployed by the military or hospitalized.


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog12


Laila has been loving her time with the Masusocks.  She gets plenty of cuddles and attention, and she even loves taking baths.


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog8


The video of Anna singing to Laila has gone viral, and the attention has been a bit overwhelming for the Masusock family.  But according to Donna, Anna is happy that it’s bringing attention to Pact and making others smile.


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog10


“All Anna wants to do is keep everyone smiling,” she said. “She couldn’t care less about the amount of views, but when she hears about the comments it melts her heart.”


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog9


One viewer of the video, Cheryl Lynn, made an excellent point on Rumble’s share:

“This makes me think about all of the pits in shelters that will never know that kind of love and it makes me cry for them. Please, look at this video and stop breeding pit bulls! They are the number one dog in the shelters and 2900 lose their life every day in shelters across America. They do not deserve this fate, they deserve the love like this video shows. Precious song, precious love, the dog and the girl are very lucky to have each other. Beautiful!”


5.1.16 - Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog13


Please consider fostering or adopting an animal from one of your local shelters.  You’ll be saving two lives:  the one you bring home, and the one who takes their spot in the shelter.


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