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English Bulldog Puppy Finds Nirvana in an Inanimate Object

by Fred

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So any of us with furry, four-legged family members know that sometimes our dogs can be silly.  Very, very silly.  Whether it’s a good old fashioned leg shake while getting a belly rub, or that really cute head shake and snort thing they do when you muss their hair, our pets can find true happiness in the smallest, simplest and sometimes even the most unexpected places.

This is Agnes.  Agnes is an English bulldog puppy, and has fallen head over tail for a scrub brush.  No, you didn’t misread that, it does say scrub brush.  Agnes’ family bought a new scrub brush for the home, and it’s quickly becoming the single best toy in this little pup’s life so far.  According to the video, it seems the belly rubs she gets from her family with it put this cute little pup in heaven.  At one point, she decides she likes it so much, she tries to snatch it and run away!

Sometimes pets, just like people, really know how to enjoy the little things in life.