Firefighters Free Dog Stuck in Drainage Pipe

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A seven-year-old dog from Austin, Texas, chased a raccoon into a drainage pipe in Falconhead Golf Course and got the dog stuck in it for 18 hours. Luckily, the dog’s owner and golf course employees worked long hours until the pet was rescued.

Photo Credit: The Austin American-Statesman
Photo Credit: The Austin American-Statesman

Bob Williamson and his cocker spaniel named Ty were out walking along the golf course on the evening of August 15, 2014, when the pet spotted a raccoon and took off after it. The raccoon quickly ran into a drainage pipe big enough for the wild animal to run through, but Ty rushed into the pipe and got stuck.

Williamson called firefighters for help. The rescue unit removed the drainage grate and the raccoon came out unharmed, but Ty was nowhere near the pipe’s opening.

“Standing outside the drain, you could hear him barking,” Williamson told The Austin American-Statesman. “The dog’s nails were long and couldn’t get any traction on the incline, and that’s how he got stuck, I think. He was wanting to come out, but he wasn’t able to.”

Unable to free the dog that night, Williamson had to leave his pet behind, but the following morning, golf course employees worked to dig out the pipe. Once the pipe was exposed an opening was cut near where Ty was stuck, and hot dog pieces were used to lure the raccoon chasing dog out of the pipe.

“He barely fit in [the drain],” said Falconhead General Manager Laura Gunia. “But [Ty] was hungry enough to scoot closer to reach each hot dog piece.”

Once free, the dog was reunited with his owner. The pet was unharmed, just tired, hungry and very dirty.