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15 Amazing World Record-Holding Dogs

by Karen Parquet

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When you think of wow-worthy pooches and the amazing things they do, we should also think about the amazing record these dogs hold. From the oldest dog alive to the longest ears, we’ll explore 15 of the “paw-some” records as of 2023.

1. Oldest Dog in the World

The world’s oldest dog on record books, Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, lives in Coqueiros near Leiria and holds the record after beating the previous record holder (Spike) with a whopping 30 years and 266 days old. These dogs usually only live to be about 12-14 years old, but Bobi has outlived that and more.

2. Tallest Dog in the World

8.22.14 Dog Record Breakers1

The tallest dog, Zeus, a Great Dane, holds the record for the tallest dog in the world. He stood at a good record-setting three feet and 5.18 inches, making him an impressive pup to see! Zeus, unfortunately, passed away in 2014; however, he remains the tallest dog on record.

3. World’s Heaviest Dog

8.22.14 Dog Record Breakers5

Do you like big dogs? If you thought Zeus was big, meet Zorba, the heaviest massive pooch of all time, weighing in at an amazing 357.1 pounds. Think of all the food they go through every month!

4. Dog With the Longest Tongue

Mochi Rickert-Date, a Saint Bernard, has the longest canine tongue measuring from snout to tip of the tongue at a whopping 7.3-inch-long tongue. This big teddy bear of a dog will melt your heart!

5. Dog With the Longest Tail

Ever had a dog with a long tail that should be registered as a lethal weapon? Keon, the Irish Wolfhound who lives in Westerlo, Belgium, holds the record for the longest tail ever at 30.2 inches.

6. Dog With the Longest Ears

world record for longest dog ears

Lou, the Coonhound, might be a familiar sight to his neighbors, but to his vet technician, she thought it was the most exceptional trait ever and entered him into the Book of World Records. His ears measured 13.38 inches long!

7. World’s Best Dock Diver

A Whippet (a type of Sighthound) named Sounders holds the record for the farthest dock diving jump recorded so far. At a long length of 36 feet and 6 inches, Sounders leaped to the front of the pack taking the world record

8. World’s Highest Jumper

There are dogs that should have 7+ foot fences and not just your typical 6 foot. Greyhounds and sighthounds are no exception to this rule. Feather, a greyhound, made the highest jump by leaping an impressive 75.5 inches over an obstacle.

9. World’s Smallest Service Dog

Cupcake the world's smallest service dog
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Cupcake, the world’s smallest service dog, is a female long-haired chihuahua who is only 6.25 inches tall. She lives in Moorestown, New Jersey, USA.

10. Most Tennis Balls in the Mouth

8.22.14 Dog Record Breakers8

This good boy loves tennis balls so much that he was able to break the former Augie’s record! The most tennis balls he’s been able to hold is a whopping total of 6 at a time. Finley is a golden retriever doing what a retriever does with tons of happy tail wags.

11. Dog With the Best Balance

8.22.14 Dog Record Breakers14

This Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, Sweet Pea, has the record for the fastest 100 m with an item balanced on her head. It probably took some great training, patience, and lots of trial and error before getting that right! 

12. World’s Best Treat Balancer

George held 29 scrumptious treats on his nose
Image Source:

George, the Husky cross mix rescued by his owner Dima Yeremenko learned patience with balance and achieved a world record of holding the most treats on his nose. The most he’s held on his nose is 29 scrumptious treats. That’s some solid leave-it skills!

13.  The Most Discs Caught by a Dog

8.22.14 Dog Record Breakers9

Rose, a Lab/Border Collie owned by Edward Watson from the USA, caught and held up to 7 discs in her mouth at one time! Each of these discs was thrown one at a time and expertly caught by this awesome pup. Imagine her owner’s surprise when she wouldn’t drop each disc and hold on to them all!

14. The Fastest Dog in the World to Pop Balloons

The fastest dog in the world to pop balloons
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A Whippet named Toby upset the previous record holder by popping 100 balloons in 36.53 seconds… the first time. There was a second record Toby set the next month by popping the same amount of balloons in 28.22 seconds.

15. Fastest Dog in the World

In all honesty, this is one of my favorite breeds, but I’m biased because a few of these dogs have owned me over the years. The greyhound is known as the fastest dog in the world, topping at a speed of 45mph.

They’re also well known for their double suspension gait, which greatly helps their speed. The fastest greyhound in history was a dog called Ballyregan Bob even though Shakey Jakey was the first to get the record, Ballyregan set the record after winning 32 consecutive races in 1980.


If you hadn’t known before, you’ve now seen how dogs are more than capable of extraordinary accomplishments. From record-breaking activities to carefully trained behaviors, our furry friends never fail to help us explore the world in new and exciting ways.

So whether your pup excels in frisbee catching or just likes a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood, give that four-legged cutie some extra love today!

If this list of amazing pooch feats isn’t inspiring enough, take it upon yourself to create your own doggo milestone with your pup. Do you know of any world record-holding pooches? Do tell! We would love to hear about them in the comment section below.

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