Dogs Get Pepper Sprayed During Turkey Protests

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At the beginning of the month, citizens of Turkey started protesting when the government announced their plans to build on Gezi Park. This park is one of the few public parks left in the city of Istanbul, and environmentalists oppose the destruction of the natural space.

This protest is no longer just about environmentalist beliefs but also about Turkish citizens’ discontent with the government. Protesters have taken to the streets to demonstrate against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

The government has used police force to try to dissipate protesters from gathering in public areas. They have used bulldozers to clear away barricades, tear gas weapons and water cannon trucks.

Human protesters are not the only ones getting hurt by the tear gas and water cannons. Street dogs that are amidst the clash are also getting hurt.

Here are some images posted on different social media platforms of those innocent animals caught in the middle of this civil unrest.

Protesters in Turkey helping a dog affected by tear gas.


Two protesters are aiding a stray dog after he was attacked with pepper spray by riot police #occupyGezi



4 thoughts on “Dogs Get Pepper Sprayed During Turkey Protests”

  1. Initial reports on Tumblr stated that cats and dogs were being poisoned because of the insanely high concentration of chemicals being used against reporters. Has anyone heard this?

  2. Horribel! People are trying so hard to save their last parks and the
    Government overrules it to put up more buildings?! It’s a disgrace, and they hurt the innocent animals while they try to ruin habitat. We need leaders that are going to preserve the world and its creatures, Not destroy everything out of greed!

  3. At least a dog can survive being sprayed….In the US our cops just shoot ’em dead in their own yards.


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