Dogs no longer welcomed in Iran

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Even though Iran’s penal code does not estate that owing a dog is illegal, Islamic law deems the pets “impure” animals and forbids citizens from owning one. In the past, dog lovers did whatever they could to own a pet and keep it safe from being impounded by authorities. Many times, this meant paying high fines.

As of last month, dog owners will no longer be able to own a pet. Tehran police officials announced that anyone driving with a dog or walking a dog will be punished, and any dog found on the streets will be picked up by authorities and taken away.

In an interview Dr. Reza Javalchi, president of the Iranian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, gave to FRANCE 24 and published on The Observers, he said that this new decision seems illogical.

“You don’t have to travel far outside of Tehran to realize that there are many veterinarian clinics that treat dogs, as well as many canine breeders,” said Javalchi. The police and the Red Cross also use dogs for some of their work. This new decision seems absurd. The police even hide out near veterinarian clinics to confiscate dogs when they come out!”

According to AFP despite the strong crack down on pet owners, the demand for dogs in local markets has seen an increase in recent years.

The report also stated that in June 2010 Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirzi considered dog companionship “a blind imitation” of Western culture. He warned that family corruption and damages to societal values would arise from owning a pet.

In Iran working dogs such as sheep dogs and guard dogs have always been accepted, but what authorities now frown upon is middle class citizens keeping animals as pets just as many Western dog-loving societies do. Stray animals in Iran suffer from worse animal cruelty ever seen. City workers are allowed to shoot to death stray canines when encountered roaming the streets.

For now, dog owners are scared of losing their loved companions. Pet lovers have taken measures and now walk their dogs at night in secluded areas. They no longer feel safe taking their pets to public spaces in daylight as they once did.

Animal rights activists in Iran are questioning the legality of this latest law enforcement by authorities.


32 thoughts on “Dogs no longer welcomed in Iran”

  1. This coming from vermin who wipe their ass and then eat with their hands. Who’s the filthy ones.

  2. I understand this is infuriating but the questions and concern is what can we do about this to help these poor animals and the people who want to have them over ? getting upset and cursing and hating everyone over there is not the answer…. the answer is to help them find a solution to this issue!!

  3. I would give my life fighting for my dogs! They are my family and like my children. They wouldn’t take them away from me and I would fight to the death for them.

    • Ignorance is around the world….even in civilized
      Still doing what their ignorant accent ancestry.
      Makes me very mad!
      If this isn’t a joke that is.

  4. The law is absolutely absurd and should be questioned strongly but I am shocked to also read the kind of hate messages people have put up. I also eat with my hands, all south Asians do and love dogs too. What does that make me? Islam does not ask to hate dogs or women, its just a gross misinterpretation by some twisted people. Seriously, it’s really not about Islam or Jesus, its about horrible humans that unfortunately both sides have. Lets not stop to such horrible hate messages. Dogs lovers are supposed to special, more humane than most humans. Lets prove that and find ways to support Iranians with dogs as they are the ones who are suffering here.

  5. Amazing that no one recognizes the fact that this is happening in the United States every day! In fact, it’s been happening since 1989. Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL, is alive and well and has killed thousands of dogs since then, and thousands more die every day because of it! Cities and states all over the country BAN what they call “pit bull” dogs, and it’s because of a bunch of mythological and false information that the media, the politicians, and stupid people who believe the ridiculous and impossible stories about these dogs.

    People actually believe that “pit bulls” (there isn’t even such a breed, that’s a category of dogs that have similar characteristics and have mixed heritage from numerous different breeds) have “locking jaws” – a physiological impossibility; that they’re impervious to pain (how can any mammal with a brain and central nervous system not feel sensations of pain?); that they’re “genetically programmed” to kill, and once they taste blood they can’t ever stop and won’t until their “prey” is dead – this is false, false, false!!! I’m talking about America here, ok? So frankly, dissing Iran, or Muslims, or anybody for taking away your dog or not allowing dogs, or hating or abusing dogs is really stupid unless and until each and every one of you who feels that way takes it upon yourself to see to it that WE stop this absurdity here at home! The shelters are full of any dog that the authorities deem a pit bull, and because of bans and the stupid irrational fear about them spread by the media, no one will adopt them, so they’re put down. Some shelters have a rule that they don’t even make them available for adoption, they just routinely kill them as a rule. Insurance companies won’t cover you for homeowner’s or renters insurance if you have one; no landlord will rent to you with one, and any city or state that has a ban will seize your dog and “euthanize” it (read “execute”) if it’s found in their city limits. Cops shoot them all the time on sight, even in their own yards or garages, and then say it was “charging” them or acting aggressive. People cross the street when they see people walking one on a leash. If an off leash dog attacks your pit bull type dog while you’re walking it on a leash, your dog will be blamed no matter what. Even disabled people aren’t allowed to have one for a service dog even though the DOJ specifically stated that cities are prohibited from enforcing a pit bull ban against them. But they do it anyway, claiming “states rights.” Lawmakers say that they’re not like other dogs, and one California city councilman recently said they are a different “species” from other dogs. Seriously???

    So bottom line is, Americans are no better than any other country when it comes to dogs. They just are more selective, and don’t want to admit it. When there is no such thing as BSL in America any more, then we can throw rocks at Iran or any other country about their ridiculous policies about dogs.

    • The policies are ridiculous in both places. It’s ridiculous here absolutely…and incidentally, I knew that so called Pit Bulls had a bad rap, just not as awful as you describe, so I appreciate the info.

      A woman told me she and her husband would be adopting a dog soon. She told me her husband wants a bulldog. She doesn’t.

      She insinuated that the breed isn’t nice, wouldn’t be good with kids, blah be de blah.

      I corrected her and told her they are VERY friendly dogs and quite playful too. And she was surprised. (I’m a pet sitter and have had experience and exposure to all kinds of breeds.)

      So yeah, it’s nuts and sad what people believe.

      But the ridiculousness in this country doesn’t lessen the ridiculousness in other countries.

      No, name calling won’t make a bit of difference. But I DO feel for the Iranian people who are having their dogs ripped from them after getting them health care only to be executed.

      People responding here are reacting out of their passion and obviously we all feel it as we really don’t have any control over what we’ve all just read. It’s very sad that anyone has to walk their dog under the cover of night as if they are doing something wrong when they are only taking care of a their dog’s needs.

      We animal lovers need to channel that anger we use to spit insults to release it, into being a part in making the changes we need to see.


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