Dogs Play Dead to Get out of Bathtime

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These two very stubborn (or just lazy) dogs will do whatever it takes to keep them out of the tub.



Don’t worry – neither dog was harmed in the making of these videos.




0 thoughts on “Dogs Play Dead to Get out of Bathtime”

  1. SO disappointed in lifewithdogs posting this…NO ONE should PULL a dog by its paws!!! You can harm them by tearing tendons or ligaments..So disappointed in this website for showing this.

  2. If pulling a dog who’s playing dead is cruel and harmful, then my dog does wildly “cruel” things to himself on his own. Example: Chasing a ball and hitting a fence head-on, trying to go after a bird in the yard by jumping too high and then body slamming onto the ground, scratching his own face to relieve an itch, rolling around the couch in forbidden pleasure then falling off without even realizing it, etc etc.

    Wait, maybe I should keep him in a crate all day so as not to be “cruel.”

  3. Good Lord, there are Debbie downers everywhere! This was a cute video and the dogs weren’t being “yanked!”

    Lighten up!


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