Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farm in South Korea

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7.15.15 - dog farm

The Humane Society International has rescued 23 dogs from becoming someone’s dinner when they convince a South Korean farmer to stop slaughtering dogs into growing crops for food. ┬áThe dogs have been screened and have had a full medical workup, and should be available for adoption very soon.



99 thoughts on “Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farm in South Korea”

  1. Thank God that this farmer allowed these dogs to be freed. Dog meat has got to be stopped 100% in all countries NOW!!!

    • God had nothing to do with this and the thought that he did is insulting. As for freeing them, they’ll just breed more. Anytime there is a demand, it will be filled. As for people’s horror at the idea of eating dog, get over it. Some people think cows are just the cutest thing but we have no trouble eating them. What we find acceptable varies a lot. We have no business forcing our culture on them when nobody’s being harmed.

      • You are correct about supply and demand. That other you are totally ignorant about. I am a vegetarian so I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk. But if you want to compare animals that provide therapy, help the blind see, protect our military and police, etc with cows – then you indeed need to be educated as do the people who are slaughtering them for meat.

        • main difference being dogs are likely to be included in your family, pack, and LOVED, cared for and cherished, not eaten, you moron.
          You have obviously not had that absolutely unconditional love in your life.
          A dog will lay their life down for you. IDIOT

      • Hey dim-wit, the other post didn’t say God freed the dogs, the poster was just making a statement. As for eating cows, that’s what they are breed for in this world. If you think eating cows or dogs is such a bad thing and want us “to get over” it, you try having a cow as a pet and bring that animal into your house to live with you!!! The only reason people in South Korea eat dog meat, is because that’s the only meat they have for the millions of people who live there!!!

        • Your last sentence is wrong.
          The only meat for millions???
          I lived in SK for 13 years.
          They have fish – everywhere.
          Chicken – everywhere.
          Beef, yup.
          Lamb, rabbit, and on and on. Where did you even get that idea???
          Dog is eaten, but by very few people.

        • You are obviously VERY uneducated. They eat Dog meat because they feel it has extreme health benefits, which has never be proven. They feel that eating the dog meat will keep their bodies warm through the winter, making the cold less harsh; etc. Maybe read into the Dog meat industry a little more before making a comment on reason they are consuming such a beauty, loyal animal.
          “the only meat they have to feed millions. ”

          I’m embarrassed by your lack of knowledge.

  2. Dogs and cats suffer horribly all the time in the US and the meat is completly wasted, atleast these are being eaten.


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