Dolly Won’t Stop Sitting on Her Brother

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Duke and Dolly are just like any other brother and sister dogs – they snuggle, play, sleep and eat together.  But Dolly has an endearing – and perhaps annoying – habit:  she likes to lounge on top of Duke.

Angela Eden says her Duke is an older guy, adopted from an Indiana animal shelter.  After his owner died he was found alone in an apartment, “emaciated and heartworm positive.”  She found his photo on two years ago, and knew she had to bring him home.

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“[He] still had that huge smile,” she explained.  “He is the most perfect dog.”

A few months after adopting Duke, the family brought home a puppy named Dolly.  They had a third dog, a golden retriever, but he had to be rehomed with Eden’s father.

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“When my daughter was a year old he started snarling,” she said.  “It’s so ironic because people are like ‘pit bulls, pit bulls,’ and I’m like, ‘Actually, I had to get rid of my golden retriever.’”

Not long after the adoption, Dolly took to sitting on her brother.

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“She will turn around and look first, so she can put her butt on him,” Eden said.

The pit bulls are goofballs, and provide the family lots of relief from stress and anxiety.

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“When I need a time out, I seek them,” Eden.  “They know. They’re so comforting to me.”

Much of the time the pups wrestle and “snort around,” with Duke playfully chomping on Dolly’s ears.  The rest of the time, Dolly stacks herself on top of Duke, who takes it in stride.  He likely understands that he is Dolly’s security blanket, or, in this case, bed.

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6 thoughts on “Dolly Won’t Stop Sitting on Her Brother”

  1. I love her point about golden retrievers. As jealous a dog as you can get. My brother’s two goldens can’t stand any dog – ANY – on their property and/or getting attention from their family members. They are great dogs individually… but not so great with other dogs. I’ve brought my pit bull over a couple times and she wants to be friendly and play but the goldies? No way. They’d rather tear into her.

  2. LOL I have a Holly that wont’ stop sitting on her brother. Thank god it’s not the other way around. My Holly (Boston) weights only 22lbs and her brother is a 32lb pug. He would crush her LOL

  3. I absolutely feel in love with these picture. This is a great story…I love those dogs..and to see those cute faces up close..and love the pj they had on.

  4. Omg no way my Nala (6 months) sits on Massey (11 years).. as cute as my husband and i think it looks we dont think Massey enjoys it much and we fear shell get hurt because she also rushes her or jumps on her. Any tips?


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