Donors Rescue Shelter Facing Eviction Before Christmas

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12.21.14 video

Cache Creek Animal Rescue in Joliet, Illinois was in dire straits.  There was no money for them to continue operations, and they were facing eviction and having to put many animals back on the street, homeless.  All of this, and it’s just before Christmas.

The shelter specializes in rescuing animals facing euthanasia in the southern Illinois and Kentucky area.  After finding out that paying rent was not in the cards, an eviction notice was sent out by the property owners, demanding they vacate before January the 10th.

So, what does one do to try to raise money quickly?  Start a page, of course.  This past Wednesday, the shelter got the Christmas miracle they so badly needed.  The goal of $50,000 had been met thanks to the generosity of animal lovers across the country.

By the time Friday rolled around, the total was up over $64,000.  The shelter would be able to continue operating, and helpless animals were not going to be homeless for Christmas.

26 thoughts on “Donors Rescue Shelter Facing Eviction Before Christmas”

  1. Guys, praying alone is not going to help them…we all need to donate or else they will be back on the streets

  2. Yes i saw where it said they got more than the target,however, what will happen for the year and the next year? I know that extra money can’t last forever..

  3. I read elsewhere that they wanted to make improvements to their facilities and went to the city to get a permit when the city told them the bldg was not up to code….their landlord decided to evict instead of bringing the bldg up to code because it’s cheaper for him. This is a totally different story about them not being able to afford rent. Not sure what’s real now!!


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