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Downtown Dog Rescue is helping L.A. dogs stay out of shelters


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An organization called the Downtown Dog Rescue is doing all it can to keep pets with their owners, and out of shelters.  They are an all volunteer animal charity that rescues and adopts dogs and assists underserved communities, focusing on South East Los Angeles.  They are also offering free services such as spay/neuter, vaccines and basic medical care for dog owners who want to keep their dogs out of a shelter.

“My job here is to assist with families that are considering surrendering their pets for whatever reason, it can be as simple as ‘I can’t afford to spay/neuter my pet’, ‘I can’t afford to vaccinate my pet’, ‘I’m moving and I cannot take my pet with me’.  We are here to help, we’re not here to judge anybody. We’re here to give options,”  says a volunteer with Downtown Dog Rescue.

The idea is to help cut down on overcrowding at the South L.A. Animal Shelter and help keep pets in happy homes.  The organization will also help out if your dog has behavioral issues, like barking or jumping over the fence.  Downtown Dog Rescue has events, clinics and workshops throughout the year and in just 12 days since beginning the Shelter Intervention Program they have kept 100 pets out of the shelter and in their homes or foster homes, through partnerships with other rescue groups.

They also help with humane euthanasia like the case of Chubbs and Goofy, 2 senior dogs both from low income households.  Chubs had a massive tumor that made him unable to walk and Goofy had suffered a stroke. Both dogs were to be surrendered but Downtown Dog Rescue was able to arrange for humane euthanasia at a veterinarian where both dogs could die with dignity and their families could say a proper and loving goodbye.











Downtown Dog Rescue needs your help to keep doing this good work so they are always looking for volunteers and donations.  Please help if you can.