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Wolf dog mourns passing of his dear old friend


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It is not uncommon for dogs to mourn the passing of their humans, and Wiley seems to be no exception.  This 13 year old wolf dog from Ventura County, California recently lost a dear friend, Gladys, who was his owner’s grandmother.  When the family visited the gravesite of Gladys, Wiley showed his true grief much to the amazement of his family.

While gathered around the gravesite, Wiley lay down on the tombstone, shaking, and seemingly crying for Gladys.  His owner, in response to comments made online that Wiley  might just be sick said, “I can tell you that he has never done that before and hasn’t done it since. I may be anthropomorphizing his actions but its how I’m choosing to deal with loss…”, adding “Also, for those stating he is dying, I promise he’s not. We have a veterinarian on staff at the sanctuary and Wiley is just fine.”

Gladys was a contributor and friend of Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) which is a shelter that specializes in the care of wolf-dogs and horses.  Wiley is is one of a number of ‘service wolves’ that help veterans returning from war deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, providing therapy and care through LARC and a program called Warriors and Wolves.

Wiley is doing fine, but will likely continue to mourn the loss of his good friend, as will her family, and the sanctuary who on their website describe Gladys as “a family member, and a supporter” of the animal rescue center, adding “She will be forever missed, especially by Wiley.”