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Dozens Arrested in Dog Fighting Ring Bust


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Authorities busted a large and complex dog fighting ring in Mississippi this past weekend that led to about 50 people being arrested and 26 pit-bulls being rescued.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation along with deputies from several counties spent Sunday busting up a dog fighting ring in Benton County, Mississippi that could involve participants from around the country. The dogfighting ring was so large that federal officials were flown in to help.

Benton County Chief Deputy Joe Batts says the police discovered the ring a few days ago but weren’t able to find their location until early Sunday morning. Shots were fired as police busted the ring and 50 people were arrested as dozens more fled. A school bus was used to transport the arrested to jail. Police found over 80 cars from several different states at the site and believe several people may have escaped through the woods.

26 dogs were rescued. “These dogs know they are being rescued,” said Batts. “They want affection. Investigators are continuing to look for those who may have escaped from the dog fighting ring and the Humane Society of the United States is offering up to $5,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to a conviction. “Dog fighting is pretty heinous,” said Batts. “If you look at the animals, it’s pure torture. I don’t think anybody should tolerate that.”