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Driver Saves Injured Dachshund from Interstate 75

by Katherine

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The morning of May 31, 2014, Sherri Johnson was driving on Georgia’s I-75 when she spotted a small dog on the road.

“He was just sitting there, looking back and forth as if to decide which way to run,” Johnson told WSBTV.

Speedy at the vet after being rescued from I-75.
Speedy at the vet after being rescued from I-75.


The Good Samaritan got out of her car and rescued the 6- to 8-lbs dog. She took him to Lake Dow Animal Hospital and veterinarians concluded the pet was in good health. He suffered some road rash and an injury to his head, but he was expected to fully recover.

At the clinic, the dog was scanned and a microchip was found. His registered name is Speedy, but unfortunately, the pet’s owner’s information was not current. The dog couldn’t be reunited with its rightful owners.

However, the microchip is helping Speedy get back to being a loved house pet again. Based on the information on the chip, the canine was last adopted through PAWS Atlanta in January 2012. The organization reached out to Johnson and offered to care for Speedy while his owners came forward, and if no one claimed him, he would be placed for adoption.

Three weeks have passed since Speedy was saved from I-75 and unfortunately, no one has claimed ownership.

Speedy is now available for adoption and as of today, he has two pending applications.

For more information on Speedy, contact PAWS Atlanta at 770- 593-1155 or visit