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New Life for Ten Emaciated and Mange-Covered Dogs

by Katherine

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On May 31, 2014, Lauree Simmons, president and founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue saved ten malnourished and mange-covered dogs, all dachshund mixes, that were living in a Hialeah, Fla., home.

The dogs were just ten of 50 animals living in deplorable conditions. The canines were rescued after a police officer investigated the natural death of one of the home’s residents.

Photo Credit: Bill Ingram/Palm Beach Post
Photo Credit: Bill Ingram/Palm Beach Post


It appears, the deceased man and his parents, who also lived in the Hialeah home, tried to help stray dogs by rescuing them. However, they failed to get the pets neutered and the dogs bred on their own.

Officers requested Miami-Dade County Animal Services’ help, however the organization didn’t have the room for all 50 dogs and that was when other South Florida animal rescues were called to take in most of the pets.

“They’re all very sweet, just very scared,” Simmons told Palm Beach Post.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue planned to nurse the dogs back to a healthy weight and treat their demodex mange. Once they are all healthy, they will be available for adoption.

“It’s sad [the family] didn’t pick up the phone and call a reputable rescue and ask for help,” said Simmons. The pain and suffering of all 50 animals could have been prevented.

If you want to learn more about the rescued pups please visit Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s website.