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Dubsmash for Dogs! New App A Trendy Twist for Dog Lovers

by Amy Drew

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Our dogs speak to us in so many ways. Generally however, the power of human speech eludes them.

A new app, however, can give them this gift – if only for entertainment purposes.

With Doggy Dub, users can choose from a selection of cute doggie videos and do fun dubsmash-style voice-overs, scripting hilarious bits in time with the dogs’ mouth movements. Once perfected, dog lovers and dubsmash fans can share the videos with friends. The app does all the dub work.

Created by Dogs Trust, the United Kingdom’s largest dog-welfare nonprofit, all the animals featured are rescues.

The best part – aside from highlighting the plight of rescue dogs and inspiring more people to adopt or get involved – is that the app is free! Doggy Dub is available in iOS and Android formats.