World’s Cutest Wrecking Ball: Dog Destroys Apartment

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Note to folks considering a Golden: these dogs need exercise and stimulation.

This video of a 9-month-old pup systematically wrecking its owners’ apartment is surely proof enough. Submitted by YouTuber Justinas, it showcases the destruction possible at the hands of a well-intentioned, if slightly bored, pup left to her own devices.

We hope no one had a yoga class planned for that afternoon!

45 thoughts on “World’s Cutest Wrecking Ball: Dog Destroys Apartment”

  1. First of all, he is absolutely adorable and it has nothing to do with the size of the apartment and being left alone. He needs a buddy or more importantly doggy daycare. I had pne dog for a few year and she tore up things once in a while but as soon as I got a second dog it all stopped. I hope this lady isn’t too hard on that beautiful puppy…he just missed her.


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