Dutch Shepherd Dog Agility

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An astounding series of moves from this smart dog left us amazed and squeamish at the same time. So you make the call – is this a good dog owner giving a working dog the stimulation it needs to be truly happy, or is this pushing things a bit too far?

5 thoughts on “Dutch Shepherd Dog Agility”

  1. Endangering his precious incredible dog seems like a tragedy waiting to happen. I hope luck stays with them so neither have to suffer, but mostly I hope this owner wakes up to what he could lose as a result of his pride. There are safer ways to enjoy this special bond together.

  2. This guy is nuts to do this to this poor dog. Or dogs,not sure how many. The dog seemed very frightened and someone should make the guy stop putting his dogs through this.

  3. My 6 Mos. Dutch Shepherd climbed 5 foot ladder on swing set to reach kids playing. Nobody, ABSOLUTELY nobody trained her to do it. As she then slid down the slide with kids it was apparent that it was ingrained in her. Smartest most loving dog I have ever owned. Clever and athletic like nothing else I have seen (and I have had a few different breeds)! Naturally capable of this! Clearly!!


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