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Eight Orphaned Newborn Puppies Rescued Just In Time


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disneypupsEight orphaned newborn puppies were rescued just in time thanks to animal lovers in the community of Corpus Christi, Texas.

The boxer-mix puppies’ mom died while giving birth. The puppies were turned in to Animal Care Services and were rescued by Heartbeats Dog Rescue just an hour before they were to be put down. The puppies are only four days old and will have to be bottle fed every two hours. The cost of formula alone for all eight puppies is going to make their care very expensive.

Christina Villarreal is already fostering one of the puppies. “Came to look for my dog. She was missing. Saw they had puppies that needed to be fostered, so figured might as well help out while I’m looking for my dog,” said Villarreal, who admits the care for the puppy is a huge undertaking. “Big responsibility. It is very big.”

There are several other fosters waiting for the other puppies as well but Heartbeats Dog Rescue still needs help. “Puppies are very expensive,” said Haley Cyr of Heartbeats Dog Rescue. “Just the formula alone. We’re really, really going to need the help. Puppy pads and blankets. If they’d like to donate that kind of stuff they can find out how to do that on our Facebook page.”

The puppies are being referred to as the Walt Disney puppies as they are each being given a name after a Disney character. “There are six boys and a girl, so we’re still trying to figure it out.” If you would like to help you can make a donation at this website and you can keep up to date on the puppies at Heartbeats Dog Rescue’s Facebook page.