Elderly couple has dog stolen while traveling to funeral

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It’s been a heartbreaking week for a pair of newlyweds from Florida.  Tom Barthlow who is 92 years old  and his new wife, 85-year-old Geraldine, were recently married.  What should have been a happy time was marred by the death of Tom’s brother Harry, who was 91 and worked at Walmart right until he died.  So they made the journey to Houston for the funeral, but en route tragedy struck again when the couple’s dog was stolen from their vehicle during a short stop.

Unfortunately Geraldine had developed an infection right before the memorial and was hospitalized briefly.  “I didn’t get to go to the funeral that I came here to go to,” she said. “They let me out of the hospital that day, but the doctor warned me that I had to get these antibiotics and get them in me.”   Tom made a quick stop at a CSV pharmacy, leaving Geraldine in the car with their dog Honey.  Then Geraldine remembered some other things she needed and went in to tell Tom, leaving Honey in the car alone.  When they came back a few minutes later she was gone.

The devastated couple are desperate to have their baby back.   “A beautiful little dog that we are in love with,” said Tom. “They can have the car if they’ll give me my baby back,” said Geraldine.   The couple plans to remain in Houston for the time being in the hopes that Honey will be found safe and sound.


3 thoughts on “Elderly couple has dog stolen while traveling to funeral”

  1. This is so sad. I hope they get their dog back. For some of the elderly having a pet that depends on them is what keeps them going.

    I think this is also a good time to mention that this sometimes happens when a “do-gooder” thinks they are rescuing a dog left alone in a car. I don’t think this is what happened here, but none the less, people need to think before they act. My friend went into a convenience store after paying at the pump because she found a coin purse on top of the gas pump. She pulled up to the store, way over to the side, so as not to take a space in front. She went in to turn in the coin purse and the clerk gave her a form to fill out, which all took less than 5 min.

    When she came out there was a crowd around her car, her passenger side window was broken, and some idiot was standing there holding her Shih Tzu! Viola gets stressed around strangers, though not aggressive. The crowd around the car made her pant and drool, and the idiot decided she was in severe heat stress and broke the window after calling the cops. It was October and about 60 degrees. She was an idiot!

    My friend says she thinks they thought it would be a way to get the ‘horrible owner’ in trouble with the police, which is why they didn’t come into the store to look for her. The cop talked to the store clerk, who confirmed she was in the store less than 5 min and he was pissed at the idiot because he had to fill out the forms so my friend could file with her insurance company. That is another fun story all its own.


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