Experts’ Warning: Dog Flipping on the Rise

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You’ve heard of house flipping, but what about dog flipping? If you are looking to re-home your pet, be warned that dog flippers are looking to make a profit from your best friend.

13 thoughts on “Experts’ Warning: Dog Flipping on the Rise”

  1. This is a sad story. I don’t know how this will ever be stopped. I do hope that one day our world is better to its creatures.

    • probably the same people who are buying them from puppy mills, people who don’t want to spend any money

  2. Advertise the dog yourself in local newspapers or even local store bulletin boards. Then check out in person every potential home, and get checkable references from employers and veterinarians (or groomers or trainers), also neighbors.

    If the dog is a pure breed, consult local breed rescue groups or the breed’s national club for local breed rescue. Also, check out local all-breed rescue groups, but be sure they are legitimate rescue groups and not hoarders or scammers. Always get checkable references.

    Remember, at some point, you took this dog into your home and taught him to trust you, to rely on you, to care for you, to respect you. If you must re-home him, you owe him the same respect, trust, and caring in return.

  3. There is a U.k. based facebook group called Get Gumtree Animal Free and they monitor Gumtree which is like craigslist. They regularly see loads of dogs, and other animals, being traded over and over again.

    • Only just read this post, Gumtree in UK have lots of animals advertised and a lot of them are scams, your arrange the payment but no dog or any other animal advertised, do not get delivered. Anyone wanting a pure bred dog/cat/horse etc. should go to a breeder, where they will be vetted (if they are a breeder with the welfare of the animal in mind – there are will always be some that are not)!!! Or go to a animal shelter where good homes are needed.


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