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Family Desperately Searches for Diabetic Daughter’s Stolen Service Dog

by Fred

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NeVaeh Perry suffers from Type-1 diabetes so badly that it often causes seizures.  It’s an issue that SymPhany, NeVaeh’s service dog, is charged with assisting the family with on a daily basis.  SymPhany appears to have been taken from their backyard which has left them in a rather desperate situation.

NeVaeh’s blood sugar is often the topic of discussion in the Perry house.  Type-1 diabetes can be a rough situation for almost any person forced to deal with the strain of symptoms and side effects that can be crippling for some.  Seizures are only one of the many problems Type-1 diabetics deal with, and that’s why the Perry family got SymPhany.

SymPhany is a specially trained service dog, with a unique skill set that takes a great deal of time train.  Special training is also required to instruct the people interacting with the service dog.  Both processes are quite expensive and time intensive.  None of that really matters to NeVaeh’s mother JoBeana.  Her only concern is for the safety of her daughter and of her service dog.

So, when someone apparently stole SymPhany from the family’s backyard, the family was devastated.  Now, they are left in a race against time to find SymPhany.

“The gate [in the backyard] is broken,” said JoBeana.  “I chained it so [people] can’t access the yard.  I trained her myself and that was a very, very, very hard task.”

Not only does SymPhany help out with NeVeah, by also assisted JoBeana when she was hit by a car while riding on a motorcycle.  JoBeana learned how to walk again without the assistance of a cane.

“This dog is very special to both of us, we are lost without her,” she said.

They aren’t picky about where the dog is returned to them.  They are asking anyone with information to contact them via telephone at 312-415-2406, and the dog can either be returned directly to them, taken to an animal shelter, or even dropped off at the family’s church at 4650 West Madison.