Family is devastated by theft of their dog

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A Norfolk Virginia family is devastated after having their home burglarized just before Christmas, but the worst part is that their 2 year old dog was also taken in the robbery.  Chris Cole is a US Sailor who came home from the case on Tuesday to find his garage door crow barred open and his house ransacked.  This s devastating enough, but when he realized that Nyla, his 2 year old pit bull was also gone he was beside himself.

Cole lives in the house with his wife Stacey and their 4 month old daughter Elise, and along with thousands of dollars worth of valuables, even the presents under the tree are gone.  It seems they may have been in the house for some time, said Cole “They went through all the drawers, tore everything out to make sure nothing was hidden in there.”  They even threw a pizza at the dog to see if she was friendly and when they discovered she was they must have made the decision to take her as well.

The Coles aren’t concerned about the gifts and material items.  Before having their baby Elise, Nyla was the baby of the house.  “Nyla is our family and that’s the most important thing to us,” says Stacey Cole, “We don’t care about anything else really. We just want our family put back together, especially for Christmas.”

“She’s part of the family so we want her back,” says an emotional Cole.  Norfolk police are investigating the crime and on the lookout for Nyla. A fund has been set up to help the Cole’s at the Navy Federal Credit Union.  Anyone who sees Nyla or knows anything about the burglary should call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

2 thoughts on “Family is devastated by theft of their dog”

  1. I am so sick of the degenerates in society that are such worthless individuals that they have nothing better to do than live their lives as parasites, stealing from hard working people and destroying their lives by violating their homes and fracturing their families. I am simply horrified that these losers not only vandalized the Cole family home and stole their Christmas presents but these incredibly cruel, POS’s took their beloved Nyla! What a mean, crude thing to do!

    I truly hope the press and social media continue to keep this story alive so that someone somewhere will see Nyla and rat on the loser thieves so that this family can get their canine baby home. I pray they don’t hurt little Nyla And I hope they are prosecuted!


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