Family Rescues Dog from Brooklyn Bridge

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New York News

brooklynTom Petronis and his two sons came to the rescue of a dog found wandering alone on the Brooklyn Bridge. Petronis stopped traffic, rescued the dog and took her home to keep her safe until an owner can be found.

Petronis was headed to Red Hook, Brooklyn with his sons to stop by his work when their routine trip turned into a rescue mission. They spotted a little dog wandering on the bridge and stopped to save her. They stopped traffic and with the help of some iron workers on the bridge were able to get the dog and bring her safely into her car.

The Petronis brought the dog, that they have nicknamed Brooklyn, home with them and are keeping her until they can find her owner. If unable to find her owner they promise to place her in a good home.

The family can be contacted at [email protected] if you have any information on the dog’s owner.

9 thoughts on “Family Rescues Dog from Brooklyn Bridge”

  1. She may be lost, but with no tag or micro-chip, it also appears she was abandoned. Why? Why not just find a no-kill shelter or a good home for her if you don’t want her. If I didn’t already have the limit on dogs & lived so far away, I’d take her. She’s beautiful. I pray she finds a good forever home.

  2. Shibas are notorious escape artists, and can run far and fast. Hope her owners saw the news clip and are soon reunited.

  3. It IS a Shiba Inu, and a very pretty one at that.

    Indeed they are escape artists, something that can be curbed given time and effort. She looks to be rather healthy, so hopefully she was just doing what Shibas do and decided to take a tour of the town instead of this being a case of abandonment.

    Either way, I’d take her. Such a fun breed.

  4. There’s a Shiba Inu lost in Brooklyn. A FB friend of mine noticed the similarities and contacted the owner of the lost dog. Let’s hope it’s the same one! The owner is contacting the finder of this dog to find out if it’s the same one. -Joanne


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