Family Reunited with Dog Clinic Abused for Transfusions

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4.30.14 - Family Reunited with Dog Clinic Abused for Transfusions1

A Texas family has been reunited with their dog, Sid, who they believed had been euthanized back in October.  Vets at the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic told them he was developing a crippling spine condition and it was the best option.  But for the last six months, they kept him in a filthy cage so they could use him for blood transfusions.

“The betrayal is so incredibly intense that nothing you have prepares you for the emotions,” Marian Harris said.  “There’s anger, there’s joy that you have your dog back, there’s betrayal of this intense trust.  And it’s just really hard to camp on one particular emotion.”

4.30.14 - Family Reunited with Dog Clinic Abused for Transfusions2

The Harris family of Aledo, Texas brought their Leonberger to the vet in May of 2013 for an anal glad issue.  Veterinarian Lou Tierce convinced them to keep Sid at the clinic for treatment.  By autumn, they were told his condition had deteriorated and he had a painful, congenital spinal condition that would eventually cripple him.

They were advised by Tierce that the best decision would be to spare him his difficult fate, and the family decided to have him put down.  However, they were not present when it was supposed to take place, and had no idea that it never did.

4.30.14 - Family Reunited with Dog Clinic Abused for Transfusions5

The family said Tierce promised to bury Sid on his farm, but instead, he kept the healthy dog in a disgusting, urine and feces filled cage for six months.  He allowed Sid to develop mange as he routinely pricked him for the precious plasma blood contains.

Former clinic employee Mary Brewer called Marian and Jamie Harris to tell them that Sid was still alive, and that she had witnessed abuse at Camp Bowie.  But she was afraid to report what was happening because she is a convicted felon.

Mary Brewer, the heroic former vet tech at Camp Bowie who called the Harrises and blew in veterinarian Lou Tierce for animal abuse.
Mary Brewer, the heroic former vet tech at Camp Bowie who called the Harrises and blew in veterinarian Lou Tierce for animal abuse.


“What can you do when you’re not a credible person, you know?” Brewer asked.  “You’re going against somebody who has a business of 40 years, a respectable veterinarian, who is going to believe me?”

The Harrises did.  After being told their dog was being kept alive by the vampire vet for transfusions, they marched right into the business and found Sid being held prisoner in a back room.

4.30.14 - Family Reunited with Dog Clinic Abused for Transfusions3

The supposedly terminally ill dog was delighted to see his family again, and leaped right into the back of their minivan on his own.

“It was like getting punched in the stomach and then some,” Marian said of the situation.

They brought him to another doctor, who said Sid never needed to be euthanized in the first place.  He had to be treated for mange, and showed signs of being “abusively kenneled,” according to an attorney for the Harrises, who are now seeking legal action.



What Happened To Sid The Dog?


Two other dogs were taken from Camp Bowie when police conducted a raid on the clinic, and an investigation is ongoing to determine if criminal animal abuse charges will be filed.

“The betrayal, it’s just, you know, it’s indescribable,” Marian said. “I just don’t want anyone else to have to go through that.”








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  1. This is why you stay with your dog until the end! Do the right thing and stay with your beloved family member! This vet needs his license revoked and put in jail.

  2. What the hell is going on? Now you can’t trust a veterinarian with your pet. I hope they sue the shit out of this “clinic”. Poor Sid. He must have been thinking “what did I do wrong?”.

    • I know, I looked at his eyes in the one picture and you can see the pain in them and almost read them. You can see the wonderment in them, why did my family leave me here, where did they go, why am I being kept in a tiny cage almost 24/7, poked and prodded , and on and on 🙁 This has to be one of them most unbelievable stories I have ever heard. I can’t even believe that there is such a story and discussion like this, mind blowing !

  3. First of all the dog went in to the vets in MAY. Yes the vet lied but MAY..for anal glands. And by the end of June you don’t take your dog to another vets? Or JULY?? or AUGust?
    So in Sept you allow the dog to come out not walking. So it implies you have NOT even visited your dog before Sept. What utter jerks these owners are. I pray her kids never need medical care. And yes the Vet lied. But the owners should CARE ENOUGH to have the dog taken else where. The owners are awful. And I hope someone calls them on their ” distress”.

    • Who are you to judge these owners? I have a veterinarian that I’ve known and trusted for years with my pets. If my vet told me that my pet was terminally ill, I wouldnt take them to another vet I dont know just so they can tell me the same thing. How do
      you know that they never visited him? How do you know they didnt spend the time
      with him before he supposednly needed to be euthanized? Its difficult to tell when an animal is sick, or has cancer, or terminal illnesses, especially if you have no training or tests results to see for yourself, so its bot like they would have known that he was sick or not. And if the vet tells them hes suck, what are they going to do? They have no reason not to trust them. I can understand the family not being there. When we had to put to sleep our lab my dad dropped her off amd stayed with her a while but we were all weaknof heart and couldnt see it happen, so he left. I can understand that. But you are in no position to judge this family who are the victiems of monsters.

      • My beloved Angel had a type of lymph node cancer. Was told as long as she is not in pain wait. Give as long as we can so long as she doesn’t hurt. Had her off a few more weeks and she never showed signs of pain at all. My 8 year old nephew for her dead one morning. That tore him apart. Point is u can’t always tell. Had it not been for the lumps all over her we would never had known.

    • I have to agree with you. I won’t even allow my vet to examine my dog without me in the room, never mind if they told me she needed to stay there for “treatment” for months on end. There is absolutely no way I’d EVER allow that to happen. I’d definitely take her to another vet to get a second opinion if my vet tried to sell me a story like that.

      That said, I tend to think the owners aren’t horrible people, but rather naive and easily duped into believing someone in a position of “authority.”


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