Miracle Dog Rescued from River After Surviving Hitman’s Blast

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4.30.14 - Dog REscued from River After Surviving Hitman

A dog in Croatia was plucked from an icy river by a heroic fisherman and his son after surviving the shotgun blast issued by the hitman hired by his former owner.  The dog, being called Lucky, is expected to completely recover and be put up for adoption.

Pawel Brodzky was out angling with his son near the village of Orehovec when he spotted something else worth catching – a dog on the brink of death.

“He was floating like a log past us and suddenly his front leg moved like he was waving at us,” Brodzky explained.  “We pulled the poor creature from the water and took him to an animal shelter, where he was said to be in poor shape but strong enough to survive.”

4.30.14 - Dog Rescued from River After Surviving Hitman4

Brodzky also saw the man who threw the dog into the Drava river – a hunter busy putting his gun back in his car – and wrote down the car’s registration.

It was discovered that the hunter had been paid a measly $7 to end Lucky’s life.  The dog, formerly called Olly, belonged to someone who, for reasons unknown, was told it would cost him $50 to have the dog euthanized.  Deciding that was too much, they paid a hitman to shoot him and throw his body into a river.

According to animal welfare workers, the huntsman is believed to have shot a number of dogs for the same reason, and faces a year in jail for animal cruelty.

Lucky needed surgery on wounds to his head and leg, but is expected to fully recover in two months’ time.  A number of people are already clamoring to adopt him and make sure he never suffers again.




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    • I agree with you. When I read stories like this I am so ashamed of being a human. But if some humans didn’t exist, many more furries would suffer. With great sadness it is shameful that this shit happens, and good people are in dire need more so than ever. I hope the owner and the “huntsman get shot and left for dead. People like these should get down on their hands and knees and Thanks God, or whatever they believe in that someone like me doesn’t write the laws

  1. What if it were you, hit man?????? shot by someone and throw into the ocean??? Open your computer and look at the photo, imagine that is YOU!! Is it nice? A cruel idiot like you ends up nowhere! You only end up in the FIRE and HELL! People like you should not have lived. God bless the rescuers and their families abundantly. I thank God for the merciful rescuers. THANKS< THANKS< THANKS. To the stupid owner, GO TO HELL! May God give LUCKY (dog) a new ANGELIC owner very soon. And may LUCKY be recovered so very soon too.


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