Family Searches for Their Pet Given Away on Craigslist by Neighbor

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Kooter, a Jack Russell terrier from Liberty Township, Ohio, got out of his yard in late June and his owner, Patty Sturgis, has been looking for him ever since. However, she hasn’t been able to locate the dog because a neighbor found him and gave him away on Craigslist. Now the neighbor won’t say for sure who he gave the dog to.

A few days after the dog ran away, Strurgis found a Craigslist ad with her pet’s picture. She immediately contacted the person and asked for her dog, but she was told, the dog had been given away to a Hamilton woman.


“My biggest fear is that my dog’s dead, because nobody will tell me where he is,” Sturgis told WLWT 5 News. “When I contacted the lady she was like, ‘OK, all good to go, I’ll get your dog back,’ and I contacted her six or seven hours later and she said, ‘Look lady, the world doesn’t revolve around your time.'”

WLWT’s reporters contacted the woman and she said a man, had the dog now. Yet this man told reporters he gave the dog to an elder Middletown couple.

Strurgis is still looking for her pet and no one seems have him or want to return him. What Sturgis doesn’t understand is why the neighbor who found Kooter felt the need to give him away on the internet? The dog could have been taken to an animal shelter instead.

Whoever has the Jack Russell terrier should return him to his family, he is deeply missed. All they have to do is get him to a shelter or veterinarian, where his microchip will be scanned, and the dog will be returned to the Sturgis family.

11 thoughts on “Family Searches for Their Pet Given Away on Craigslist by Neighbor”

  1. At this point, I would publish, in a public forum, all of the names of the people involved to this point. I don’t normally agree with public shaming, but I feel it’s justified in this case. These lowlifes would receive an onslaught of negative publicity and attention and would likely start answering questions just to make it all go away.

  2. Offer REWARD, but ALSO prosecution of some sort, since the ones who know and fail to comply with ” Proof Of Life “. Whether the dog was loose through no fault of his own or went out scouting, Many people lack “COMMON SENSE” or some of the many qualities we need in human race, It has almost become sterile like with self absorption and entitlement. Shame on Neighbor if this was done maliciously and refuses to help retrieve him… IT sickens me to think how the little one must feel not knowing where his family is and Family likewise..Hopefully loved now and will be returned but $ may help get answers, I will contribute some towards a reward, We must love the animals of the world, and educate the ones that lack “Common Sense”.

  3. When will enough be enough with craigslist ? It’s pet section causes nothing but problems and needs to go now !

  4. That person should have been arrested for theft. When you take something that is not yours that is stealing. She should sue her neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!!! The neighbor is luck that nothing happened to him.


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