FDA Finally Taking Action on Tainted Jerky Treats

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10.23.13 - FDA Investigating Jerky1

The US Food and Drug Administration is finally doing something about the tainted Chinese-manufactured jerky treats that have killed at least 600 dogs and cats and severely sickened thousands of others.

They are asking owners whose pets have been affected to contact them. Since 2007, the FDA has received reports of 580 deaths and over 3,600 illnesses associated with chicken, duck, sweet potato and fruit jerky.

The FDA has issued consumer alerts as a result, and has initiated investigations by sending scientists to the treat manufacturers in China. More than 1,200 samples have been taken, but an exact cause for the illnesses has not been determined.

“This is one of the most elusive and mysterious outbreaks we’ve encountered,” read a statement from Bernadette Dunham, director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. “Our beloved four-legged companions deserve our best effort, and we are giving it.”

 10.23.13 - FDA Investigating Jerky2

For many pets, symptoms appeared within hours of consuming the snacks. Symptoms include decreased appetite and activity, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst and urination. Convulsions, bleeding of the stomach and intestines and kidney failure have also been reported.

“The agency urges pet owners to be cautious about providing jerky treats,” an FDA bulletin warned. “If you do provide them and your pet becomes sick, stop the treats immediately, consider seeing your veterinarian, and save any remaining treats and the packaging for possible testing.”

Several brands of jerky have been taken off shelves since January 2013, and the number of illnesses reported has dropped. In those cases, antibiotic residues in packaging was the reason for the recalls, but the FDA is unsure if they caused sickness. They believe the illnesses may have been triggered if treats were consumed over long periods of time.

If you believe your pet has died or become ill as a result of consuming tainted treats, please visit the Safety Reporting Portal.

For more information from the FDA on the treats, please visit the FDA Fact page.




9 thoughts on “FDA Finally Taking Action on Tainted Jerky Treats”

  1. Its about grand time! My Lady died last year after kidney failure….after being “spoiled” by the neighbors who fed her that crap while she was being dogsat for 10 days 🙁

  2. I’m not surprised that the treats are manufactured in China.
    Also, if it were people who were getting sick, never mind dying, on a certain type of snack, do you think it would take six years for the FDA to do something about it?
    Granted it may have been difficult to track down, but six years?

  3. all they had to do was let us know.. the FDA ….I knew only by what is posted on Dog Food Advisor….u can look on their web or somehow I’ve heard to see what they investergate, but if they do not tell us how the hell else would we know… just saying all these pets did not have to die if they took them off the selves or made us aware….. luck has it I do not feed my dog crap like this… it even looks shitty…

  4. Just because the FDA is ASKING people to report any illness OR deaths of their dogs DOESN’T mean they are doing anything about this!

    This is total bullshit. When ALL of these products are REMOVED from the shelves (WHICH THEY AREN’T) is when the FDA has done something about it!

    Do not give your dog anything that says “manufactured” in the USA also, that simply means that it iwas made in China and shipped to the US for packaging – that is how China is getting around it all.

    The FDA needs to take all this shit off the shelves NOW!

  5. I only freed my dog USA MADE treats; like the brand “True Chews” Premium Jerky Cuts. But I was told that any type of jerky treats aren’t safe for dogs as they cause damage to their intestine? IDK if this is true.

  6. I’ve also felt safe buying True Chews bc it is made in the USA, but I stopped buying that brand due to NUMEROUS recalls on the treats. I know make homemade treats, including chicken jerkey for my Lil guy…. Super easy, healthy and you know what the heck is in it.


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