Fifty Dogs Abandoned at Vancouver Area Shelters on Thursday Night

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canadaLast Thursday night 50 dogs were abandoned at two Vancouver-area shelters leading the RCMP to launch an investigation.

When staff at the Richmond Animal Protection Society arrived to work on Friday they found 38 dogs outside the shelter that had been left in 20 kennels that were covered by several tarps. Only about 12 miles away another 12 dogs were found left outside a shelter in New Westminster by a security guard.

It is still not clear whether the two incidents are linked but the Richmond RCMP has started investigating both.

The 38 dogs abandoned at the Richmond shelter were healthy and in good condition. While the 12 dogs left in New Westminster were in worse condition. Now all 50 dos are getting care and will soon be available for adoption.

Already phone calls have been flooding in to the shelters with interest in adopting the abandoned dogs. Donations have also been coming in as it will cost the city thousands of dollars to care for the dogs until they can find new homes.

6 thoughts on “Fifty Dogs Abandoned at Vancouver Area Shelters on Thursday Night”

  1. Thank God the dogs were taken to a shelter and not just left alone somewhere to starve. Whoever did this probably found themselves unable to care for the dogs any longer, but wanted them to be safe. I hope this turns out well for the dogs and also the person(s) who brought them to the shelters.

  2. Is it illegal because the shelter didn’t get to charge a “surrender fee” for each dog? The shelter got hundreds of dollars worth of crates and cages, tarps, and dogs already in condition to be adopted/sold, other than shots and probable neutering. They should be grateful for the good things and that the animals were not just dumped loose, or in the woods, or in the middle of the city! Chances are the owner was in a dire situation and did the best they could.

    • i actually salute the one who left them in a shelter, coz that means that they really cared for the dogs welfare! Chances are, that they may be undergoing a situation taht makes them unable to take care of these dogs. They even left them with all the crates etc…. which by the way also costs some money!

  3. I agree with everyone. It is a difficult situation, I know. But at least they did the right thing in the end. Save the prosecutions for the really bad hoarders and puppy mills that don’t do the right thing and also for the animal abusers. That way people may follow suit and hand over dogs they can’t look after. This will never be stopped overnight, it is educating humans in animal welfare, and this will take time.

  4. Agree. These dogs were taken care of and I hope the person (if found) does not have to suffer any fines.

    Others should be so caring to do this instead of starving or abandoning their dogs.

    Laws need to change to where there IS NOT a surrender fee if the dogs are in good shape and maybe we will see less dogs dumped.


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