Film Crew Captures the Complex Existence of Many Detroit Dogs

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As part of the American Strays film series, a film crew features three different complex situations in which dogs are marginally owned by people who lack the resources to give them a stable home. They care about the dogs, but either have no home or have extremely limited resources. These are examples of the very complicated interactions between an impoverished community of people and the dogs that exist among them in Detroit.


The American Strays Project is a project of the World Animal Awareness Society, working to educate the public about the situation in Detroit and in many cities around the world where there is a high level of poverty and many complex interactions with animals. They hope to improve the existence of both animals and people by raising awareness via their film series.

2 thoughts on “Film Crew Captures the Complex Existence of Many Detroit Dogs”

  1. Is it me or are most of those dogs, pitbulls and pit mixes. The dog the dogman had with him is an american bulldog. It’s mostly bully breeds that they have.

  2. yes, ignorant people think it is cool to have a pit or bully breed, very sad. bully breeds especially americans staffies have high ownership among people who have low income and low education, it is often a status symbol among them, do they not know or not care that these dogs are the most overbred,most abused and most put down in shelters breed ????i education is what is needed here. imagine having a dog not fixed and not even knowing she is pregnant until she has the puppies


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