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Firefighters in Texas Rescue Dog from Blaze

by Fred

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Early this Monday morning firefighters in Dallas, Texas saved the life of a dog from a fire at a single story home.  The fire broke out just after midnight.  By the time help arrived, the fire was very visibly, and very rapidly burning throughout the home.

Firefighters and EMT’s were told that two women and two children had escaped the fire, and were without injury.  They still did exactly what firefighters do, and entered the flaming home to do a search anyway.

While inside, a firefighter saw a furry leg sticking up, out of some debris.  After getting to it, and freeing the stuck poodle, Fancy was taken outside for treatment.  Using specially designed doggy CPR masks and gear, EMT’s worked on Fancy until she became responsive.  It wasn’t long before she came to, and despite being understandably shaken up, she seemed otherwise oaky.  She was returned to her family to be taken to a vet for a full checkup.

The cause of the fire was under investigation.  It is believed the fire started in a back room of the house.  Right now, the family is being assisted by the American Red Cross.