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Firefighters Rescue Dog from Canal

by Katherine

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Right before 2014 rolled in, firefighters from Cape Coral, Fla., were called to rescue a stranded dog, named Hannah, who was swimming inside a canal.

Locals saw the dog in the water but due to the canal’s high walls, the pet was unable to climb out to safety.

Firefighters rescuing Hannah. Photo Credit: Cape Coral Fire Dept.

Fire Department Spokesman, Michael Heeder, and Firefighter Frank Conner, entered the canal to save the pet. Soon after, Hannah’s owner recognized the dog and came close to rescuers.

The two men carried Hannah to where other firefighters and the pet owner were waiting to pull her and her rescuers. A ladder was used to facilitate the rescue.

“Hannah would have drown after becoming exhausted with no way to get out of the canal,” said Heeder.

Fortunately, thanks to the locals who spotted the dog in distress, and the hero firefighters, Hannah was rescued in time.