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Firefighters rescue dog from icy river


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Bella had to doggie paddle for her life when the dog fell through the ice at North Saskatchewan River in Canada on Tuesday morning. Firefighters were able to rescue her in time from the icy cold water. The amazing rescue was all caught on video.

Bella was walking with her owner in Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park in southern Edmonton, Alberta when she accidentally ran onto the ice and fell through. Her owner called for help and had to wait anxiously as Bella paddled for her life. Luckily firefighters responded quickly and two members of the rescue team paddled out in a raft to retrieve Bella.

As soon as the raft got near Bella was frantic to get aboard. One of the firefighters pulled her safely on board the raft as the other firefighter got them back to solid ground. Once safely on land Bella was wrapped in a blanket and reunited with her grateful owner.  Captain Terry Letcher of the Edmonton Fire Rescue is proud of his crew’s rescue effort, “We see a lot of bad stuff on our job so when we get a happy event like this, it’s quite good.”