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Pit Bull Stops Intruders from Stealing Baby

by Melanie

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11.21.12 Robber 1A pair of robbers who broke into a home nearly got away with a three-month-old baby but were obstructed by the family’s dog.

Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez was in her Indianapolis home with her infant daughter when she heard a glass window being smashed.  She was on the phone with her husband, who was at work, when it happened.

“I hear the noise over my phone and she started screaming and crying, and said ‘someone just stuck their hand in the door,’” Adolfo Angeles-Morales said.

Nayeli said the male thief demanded money, or else he’d take her baby.  She told him she did not have any money, and the female intruder snatched the baby.  Nayeli tried to stop the woman from exiting through the kitchen, but was clobbered on the head with a gun.

Just as the bandits were nearly out the door they were met by a very unfriendly face – one of the family dogs.  The pit bull-type dog would not let the pair escape through the back door.  They made their way back through the front of the house and quickly tossed the baby back into Nayeli’s arms.

11.21.12 Robber 2

Police are searching for the armed suspects, a heavy-set, light-skinned black male, about 35 years old, 6’2” with a close-cut beard and acne scars on his face; and a heavy-set, 5’10” black woman with braided hair in a ponytail, two lip piercings and one eyebrow piercing.  They fled the scene in a 2002-2007 brown van with tinted windows, some of which cover the passenger side.

Nayeli and the baby were taken to the hospital, where she was treated for the injury to her forehead.  The baby girl was amazingly unscathed.

The baby might have been taken and never seen again, had it not been for the dog.  The couple is thankful that their loyal and protective dog saved their family from heartbreak.