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Lifetime Animal Lover Makes Big Donation to Shelter


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asheCaring for stray and needy animals is something Earle Ashe learned at a young age and it has stuck with him his entire life. On Friday Ashe donated 2,250 pounds worth of dog food to the Central Animal Shelter.

Ashe recalls that when he was growing up that whenever he came across a stray cat or dog in his neighborhood he’d make sure to feed it. Something he had learned from his mother, who would always leave scraps out on their front porch for strays.

“I don’t think there was a hungry dog or cat on our street when I was growing up,” said Ashe.

Now decades later he still is taking care of the animals in his community. His donation on Friday impressed everyone at the shelter, but for Ashe it was just what he’d always done.

“I just hate thinking of all these animals with not enough food,” said Ashe. “I figured this would help them out a good bit.”

Help it definitely will. Dallas County Animal Patrol worker Christopher Triplett couldn’t believe one person would make such a generous donation, but believes it will keep the animals well fed for some time.

Ashe not only dropped off the food on Friday but then spent some time touring the shelter and giving attention to the animals there. Although the donation seems impressive many, Ashe is happy to help and wishes others would do the same.

“I wish more businesses would donate to the shelter because there are so many animals here,” said Ashe. “I love animals. I’m just trying to help out.”