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Firefighters Rescue Labrador from Well

by Katherine

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On Dec. 20, 2013, a black Labrador named Deegan and his owner where out enjoying a walk in Wigmore, UK, when suddenly their relaxing adventure turned into a rescue mission. Deegan fell down a 65 foot deep, unmarked well and needed help getting out of the abyss.

Photo Credit: Worcester News
Photo Credit: Worcester News

Local Malvern firefighters were dispatched to the location and the hero rescuers used their life-saving and water rescue skills to hoist the scared pet.

According to Worcester News, Watch Commander Nic Browning said the rescue mission was “both difficult and interesting.”

Deegan was wet, scared, and had some cuts along his legs, but overall he was in good health. The dog was resting on a ledge above the water at the bottom of the well. He waited patiently for rescuers to bring him out to safety.

“Firefighter Jamie Skipworth was lowered into the well, [he] secured Deegan in a specialist harness, [and] both were hauled to the surface and safety,” said Browning.

The Labrador was safely returned to a grateful and worried owner. Deegan recovered from the minor cuts and enjoyed a Merry Christmas in the safety of his home.