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Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog from a Rabbit Hole


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Roxi resting after her ordeal
Roxi resting after her ordeal

Roxi was missing for two days when her owner finally found her stuck in an embankment. Firefighters had to dig for four hours to free the Lakeland Terrier.

Donna Mullins was walking Roxi and her family’s other dogs last Monday near their home in Elgin, Scotland. Roxi often chases rabbits, but this time she didn’t come back after she disappeared chasing one of the rabbits.

“I knew that if she could come home, she would so when she didn’t on Wednesday we were worried,” said Barry Mullins. “It was a complete nightmare. We searched day and night for her. But we never gave up hope. She’s an incredibly hard dog – and a bit of a menace.”

The Mullins spread the word about their missing dog on Facebook and offered a reward. Finally, on Wednesday, Mullins heard Roxi responding to his calls for her. When he finally found her she was stuck twenty feet underground in a rabbit hole.

“She wasn’t easy to find,” said Mullins. “When I saw her I knew that it was going to be a job for more than two people. The worst feeling having found her was that the sand would collapse on her.”

Firefighters arrived to help and after four hours of careful digging Roxi was safe.

“The four hours was very intense, it was quite a dangerous dig and the sand was very unstable,” said Mullins. “If you got it wrong, or went in the wrong direction then the sand would have collapsed on her.”

The firefighters successfully got Roxi out unharmed. The final moments of Roxi’s rescue was captured in the video above.

“She was shaken up a bit and has a minor eye infection from the dirt, but other than that she’s absolutely fine,” said Mullins. “We’re just so relieved we found her sooner rather than later.”