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Firefighters Rescue Yorkie from Drain Pipe


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Firefighters in Dallas, Texas came to the rescue of a Yorkshire terrier that was trapped in a drain pipe on Wednesday.

Verna Mariela opened her apartment door on Wednesday afternoon when her Yorkie Chloe darted outside. Chloe was soon in trouble when she ran into a drain pipe.

“We were calling her and I could hear her crying,” said Mariela. “But she couldn’t get out.”

Dallas Fire-Rescue was called to the scene to help. Using cameras and sonar equipment they were able to locate where Chloe was in the pipe.

‘They place [sonar equipment] along the pipe, and once they figure out where the dog is with [that], they cut one small hole at the top and stick a camera in the pipe,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue Capt. Jason Genn.

Once firefighters located where Chloe was they drilled a hole in the pipe to free her. Chloe had been stuck in the pipe for two hours when she was finally freed. Chloe was a little scared after her ordeal, but she did not sustain any injuries.