Firefighters Save Barely Breathing Dog from Fire

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puppaluffagusWhen firefighters in Shelbyville, Tennessee pulled a dog named Puppaluffagus from her burning home earlier this week the dog was barely alive. With the help of oxygen the firefighters were able to save her.

When firefighters arrived on the scene Thursday morning the home was engulfed in smoke. They got Puppaluffagus’ owner out safe and then turned their attention to saving the dog.

“Visibility was very low,” said firefighter Jason Richardson. “I remember we raised a mattress, and pushed it to the side. The dog was trapped underneath.”

They got Puppaluffagus safely out of the home, but she was barely breathing. The firefighters quickly hooked her up to oxygen to save her life.

“She had a blank stare at first,” said firefighter Matthew Barnard. “Then you could see the life come back all of a sudden.”

Puppaluffagus’ owner Bethany Morton watched as the firefighters brought her back to life.

“It was unbelievable,” said Morton. “They did an amazing job.”

Puppaluffagus is being treated by her veterinarian and will have to be on medication for several days, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

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