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Teenagers Save Abandoned Puppy from Freezing Cold


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While others just drove by and did nothing, three teenagers pulled over to save a four-month-old puppy left abandoned in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Alex Pereira, Jacob Rivello and Gabi Cavallaro were driving home after a lacrosse game on Wednesday night when the cars in front of them started to brake. Then they saw why: a dog was running into the road. It was nipping at the car bumpers as they drove by, but the three teens decided to stop and help.

“We just pulled right over to the side of the road and she jumped right in,” said Cavallaro. “We opened the door and she just jumped in, she must have been freezing.”

Once the dog was safely in the car they teens searched her for identification, but all they found was a note.

“Hi my name is Ziya, I need a home, please I need love,” read the note.

The teens took Ziya to the North Attleboro Shelter where they are taking care of her. The shelter has renamed the dog Coolata for being able to survive the bitter cold. She will receive her shots next week and then will be ready for adoption.  The shelter believes she will quickly find a good home.

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